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Dr Pete
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pekingese: abcessed anal gland..antibiotics..hasnt pooped..peed

Resolved Question:

my pekingese has an abcessed anal gland, took him to the vet wed. morning, she got it to drain and put him on antibiotics, but the problem is he hasn't pooped since Monday or Tuesday and hasn't peed since Wed. morning. I can't get him to do anything when I bring him out. I guess because it's so painful. I'm worried he'll get a urinary infection from not going pee.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
Can I ask some questions first
1. How old is he?
2. Does he seem well otherwise? Appetite ok? Normal thirst?
3. Is he straining to pass a stool or simply not trying?
4. Is he straining to urinate or just that you haven't seen him urinate?
5. Does the site of the anal sac abscess seem particularly swollen, inflammed or sore?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He is 4 years old. He doesn't act sick but is very reluctant to move. When he does get up he turns real quick and licks his back end. Almost like it itches him when he moves. He didn't eat yesterday (Wednesday) but did have breakfast Thursday. Got him to drink a little a couple of times today. He was straining to go on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning. Nothing since then - he won't even try. The sore looks swollen and has two holes where it had drained at the vet's office. I think it broke open when she pushed on it. The area is pink as well as the underside of his tail near his anus.
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
It will almost certainly be the swelling (and discomfort) of the anal sac (gland) that is causing himn to not be passing stools. Sometimes after the abscess is drained it can take a day or two for the discomfort to settle down and for normal bowel activity to return. His ability to urinate should not be affected at all. I am wondering if maybe he has passed urine without you knowing. It's quite unusual for a dog to retain urine for 2 days. With no straining to urinate we know there isn't going to be a blockage (of the urinary tract). Sometimes doigs that are unwell will alter their habits a bit and he may be passing urine somewhere less usual.
He is obviously in discomfort still. This doesn't mean it's anything serious but we might normally expect a better improvement by now. I also sometimes drain anal sac abscesses in teh consulting room (no general anaesthetic) and it can work quite well but there is no doubt that a full drainage and curetteage under a general anaesthetic will be more effective. It is possible that there is still some cavitation withing the anal sac...that is an abscessed area not draining through the holes that you see. In addition it sounds as though there may be some dermatitis under the tail which could be related.
I think that in view of the time scale a trip back to the vet is best. If your vet is currently closed you give him Aspirin (buffered if you have it) at 10 mg/lb. Give it on a full stomach and don't dose him if he has any known gastritis issues. That will relieve the discomfort in the short term. You could also mix tinned pumpkin with his food (50:50) to help with hios bowels.
I don't think this is anything serious. But check for urine somehwere to be sure all is ok there.
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