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How much Ivermectin (horse wormer) or Heartguard can you give

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How much Ivermectin (horse wormer) or Heartguard can you give 16 week old puppies? How many ml. per pound? For mange treatment?
Well, it's a loaded question unfortunately.
First, the Pet Experts on this site are not permitted to give direction on the use of prescription medications without performing their own physical examination. It's the law.
Next, mange is tricky. Many people don't realize. There are 2 types of mange. Demodex and scabies. So, if a vet has not done a skin scraping to determine if there is mange present and which type, it is impossible to determine a proper dose. Why?
Well, the treatment differs greatly between the two parasites.
Next point.
Heartgard would likely not work anyway because the concentration is so small it wouldn't treat either mange condition.
Can't determine a dose with ivermectin based on ml/lb. Ivermectin comes in many different strengths.
Super dangerous for 4 month old puppies.
If one of the puppies has hairloss or certain lesions, I would simply bring that one in. Get a skin scraping. Inform the vet you want them all treated, and they'll dose accordingly.

Good Luck
Dr. Andy
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We have mineral oil , slides, and a microscope to identify the type mite. I know the sarcoptic is hard to find (since embedded under skin, etc.) I have read extensively about the mites and txs available, am a BSN RN, and the diets, supplements they need. I will accept your answer, but realize I have medical training, etc. and this medication is available at loca feed store so since I cannot afford to take eight adopted puppies that were abandoned, I have no choice but to tx myself. I already have two grown adopted large dogs and five Pomeranians. So you can see WHY and I can see WHY you cannot give me Thanks , if u may offer ANY helpful info to ease these puppies sufferings, please email me [email protected]
emails get xxxxxx out, can't see them. For liability reasons I am sure.
Remember, a vet would likely give you proper dosing directions for all of them if you just get a positive id on one puppy and establish a client-patient-doctor relationship.
Treatment for scabies usually involves a SQ injection that is repeated two weeks later for treatment, whereas, demodex involves a oral treatment daily. Huge difference, especially, from a safety standpoint when treating puppies.
don't bother with heartgard.
Super super careful with ivermectin from feed store. Can be very concentrated. Make sure you consult your primary vet.

Dr. Andy
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