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My sisters dog has a very tender nose and will not let you

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My sisters dog has a very tender nose and will not let you touch it. She is 12 years old and usually quiet active but now just lays around and is not eating well. She is a Dashund. She sometimes has a light bloody discharge from her nose and will twitch her head to the right side. Her veterinarian can not find anything wrong and has put her on antibiotics for ten days. Any ideas on what to test for?
Hello keekee,
Is the nose discolored?
Is it black or pink?
Has any blood work been done?
What part of the country does your sister live in?
Dr. GF
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Nose is not discolored, it is black, extensive blood work done with negitive results. It has been suggested that the dogs be taken to Texas A&M to be scoped. We live in Montgomery Texas on Lake Conroe.
If the nose is sensitive to the touch and has the bloody discharge then the worry is obviously that something is in there. If she is turning/twitching her head to the right side then there could be some nerves involved, possibly even brain. If I had that presentation, I would be recommending a CT or scope as well. I think the CT can give you much more informnation about all of the structures involved. With a scope, you are looking at the inside of the nasal cavity and still could miss something. The CT has much less chance of that happening. Ask your vet if there is a place around that does CT's for pets. I know there is a group of vteerinary specialist in Houston called Greater Houston Veterinary Specialists. They may have access to CT or be able to do the scope. I'm not sure which would be closer....the vet school or them. I hope that helps.

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Doctor GF
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