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My dog urinates frequently and color of the urine is orange.

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My dog's urine is orange colored and he goes to the bathroom quite frequently. He also drinks and lot of water and breathing heavy at times.

The color of a dog's urine can vary depending upon a lot of things. Some of these causes are not considered to be a problem, like ceratin foods (particularly some vegetables) and some prescription medications. However there are a few metabolic conditions that can cause darkening or a yellow/orange colour that need to be addressed.
In particular liver disease can do this. It is called jaundice and is due to bile pigments building up in the blood. These pigmenst are excreted through the urine causing a dramatic colour change. Any condition that causes an abnormally high breakdown in the red blood cells can also cause this. Both of these issues are very important and need to be considered here in particular because he has an increased thirst and some breathing problems. Both of those signs can be associated with liver disease and anaemia. Urinary tract infections can also cause discoloration of the urine and an increased thirst.
So you need to have him examined by your vet quite soon. You should take a sample of his urine with you in a clean glass container as your vet will most likely want to examine it.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for the response. I took my dog to the vet and had extensive "Senior Blood Work" done. Max is seven and half years old. Has had Kidney stones in the past. I was told that nothing showed up for the cause of this urine color. Meds and food are not the problem. I am unhappy with the timing of the decision. Also I will be getting a copy of this lab results so I can do my own research.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you....Different time zone.
It's good the senior profile showed all was ok. The colour change may reflect a change in his metabolic pathways. By this, I mean that he may be eliminating a substance in the urine (that has a strong colour) that may have been previously metabolised to another less coloured chemical. Sometimes the darker colour can reflect a more concentrated urine too. That could happen if he was off colour for any reason... Perhaps the fever. But the good thing is that his blood was clear.
Let me know how he gets on. I will be happy to see his blood results if you want me to look at them.

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