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Dr. Andy
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My dogs paw is infected between the pads-she had been limping

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My dogs paw is infected between the pads-she had been limping off and on and we thought she had hurt her hip. Since she kept licking the paw we kept looking at it, didn't see anything until today (it's been about a week) when after spreading the pads apart noticed it was puss filled. Still don't see anything in the paw/pad. Possibly she stepped on a bee. What can we do now? She is a 7 year old German Sheppard in good health.
Well, sounds a lot like a pododermatitis at this point. You will definitely need a vet to address this problem. It is extremely likely that oral antibiotics and some anti-inflammatories will be needed to treat this condition.
Also a cone head or a rubber boot for the paw will be a must. If you don't protect the paw, you have no chance at successful treatment.
Now, depending on what the foot looks like, sometimes a migrating foxtail (plant part or thorn) can migrate in between the toes causing the same symptoms. The vet should be able to quickly assess if that is a concern or not based on apperance.

In the meantime, clean it with dilute betadine or hydrogen peroxide. Dry thoroughly and apply neosporin.

Ideally, I would want you to go to the vet right now, since I don't doubt it is painful for your pet.

Good Luck
Dr. Andy
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much. We just used hydrogen peroxide on her foot and will followup with some neosporin. Thought we might wrap it in some gauze so she can't lick it and to also keep it clean. Is that a good idea? Won't be able to go to the vets today (it's Sunday) but will try to get her there (between work etc) ASAP. Anything else we should watch for in the interum? She's a great dog and we hate to see her hurt.
Nope. Just keep that foot protected. If you wrap it, throw in some baby powder to try and keep it as dry as possible.

Dr. Andy

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