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Beloved active 13 yr old Bichon Frise needs ACL surgery. How

Customer Question

Beloved active 13 yr old Bichon Frise needs ACL surgery. How long does the surgery take? Concerned about anesthesia at her age. Please comment. Thank you!!!
Submitted: 8 years ago via ThePetCenter.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Hi thereCustomer


Thank you for your question regarding your 13 year old Bichon who has torn her ACL! This is a relatively common injury and so the surgery is also relatively common. At her age, she should definitely be on IV fluids and on a steady fluid rate throughout the entire procedure as well as having a dedicated anaesthetist with her. The length on the surgery really will depend on the skill level of the surgeon and the method of repair he or she uses. In a small dog like this, often a fabella tie is used as well as checking the menisci within joint as well. All up for an experienced surgeon, this would probably take around 40 - 50 minutes. If a more technical approach to the repair were taken (such as a TPLO or TTA for example) then it would be more like 1.5 hours for the entire operation. I am sure that your girl's surgeon has her age and size in mind and will make his or her judgements for surgery taking these into account.


So long as this girl is on IV fluids, has a careful anaesthetic with monitoring equipment and dedicated staff, her risk would definitely be lowered.


Best of luck and do let me know how the op goes for your girl!


Thank you and please now click ACCEPT.


All the best,


Dr Edwards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What key question(s) would you ask to make sure I have the best possible experienced surgeon for this ACL problem. She is our baby and want the best. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX!
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

Well - if you want the best surgeon for the job you should asked to be referred to a Board Certified Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgeon if you don't have one already! If you don't want to go this far, then you should ask the surgeon how many of these surgeries he or she has done and his or her success rate post-op. Also be sure to ask whether they have a dedicated anaesthetist and monitoring equipment and ensure she will be getting IV fluids. It is also a good idea to check they give pre-op, intraop and post op analgesia (pain relief).


This is a pretty good start anyway! If you want the best however, be sure to ask to be referred to a board certified surgeon as above.


Kind Regards,


Dr Edwards

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did click to pay $15.
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 8 years ago.

That's great - I received that and thank you very much. Best of luck with your girl and do keep in touch with how the surgery went won't you.


Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards