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Dr. Duncan
Dr. Duncan, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  DVM from UF, Internship in Surgery and Internal Med; ER vet; 11 years of veterinary experience
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Is it normal for my dog to be panting heavily two days after

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Is it normal for my dog to be panting heavily two days after giving birth?
What breed of dog is she?
How many puppies did she have?
Is she nursing well?
Is she eating and drinking and what are you feeding her?
Did she have any x-rays taken before giving birth?
DId you see if she passed all the placentas?

Dr. Duncan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi.. She is a Pug. She had 4 pups, the last did not make it. She is eating well. (pedigree puppy mixed with an egg, or a little bit of cottage cheese) vet recommended. She doesn't seem to be having any problems nursing. I did go in and feel her teets.. they are a little hot, but not hard.

We did take her to TUFTS when she went into labor. Vet did ultrasound twice. After the third pup was born, she re-did the ultrasound, and told us one more. All placentas passed with pups.

Thanks for the additional information. I have a few more questions as well.
Do you have any warm water bottles or a heating blanket in the cage with her and her puppies that could be making her hot?
Can you take her rectal temperature for me?
How is her vaginal discharge?
How long has the heavy panting been going on for?

Dr. Duncan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

We took the heating pad out today.. it was 92 here! And 85 in the house. She hasn't really had much of a discharge.

The panting started at onset of labor, around noon time Sunday. She had her first pup at 9:30 pm Sunday. It has continued since. Not heavy right now. She is trying to sleep. But when she is awake, it is heavy. Her temp is 102.2

Even though she is resting now, her breathing is still heavier than usual.

Pups are all nursing now also.

I would put a fan on her and see if that improves her respiratory rate and effort. Even with the fan the puppies should stay warm enough being next to her. If she does not improve then I would suggest having her checked by your vet in the upcoming hours. She is on the appropriate diet and does not have a fever but the change in her breathing could still be due to something serious like an electrolyte imbalance (in particular low calcium); blood work may be necessary to get a definitive diagnosis.
On the other hand it really could be just caused by the high temperature in the house and laying next to 3 little warm puppies (whichcase I think the fan should help) increasing her effort to cool off. You could also consider soaking her feet in cool (not cold) water for a few minutes to help cool her off.
Sometimes increased respiratory effort can be from pain and I would be sure to gently palpate (feel along) her abdomen to see if she is tense or painful which could signify and infection in her uterus.
I also suggest checking her gum color to be sure she is pink.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

Dr. Duncan

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