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My dog has like a white cloud on one eye an he can see and

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My dog has like a white cloud on one eye an he can see and I notice that the other eye is beginning to have the same thing. He has an inflamation in his eye and some red veins around it. What can I do?
the dog is a poodle about 8 years old.
Hi Belardo,
This is an informtion request, to help me better answer your question.

How long ago did you first notice the cloudiness? Does your dog rub his eyes, like they hurt or bother him? Is there any discharge from the eyes? Is this a big Poodle (standard) or small (toy)?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He is a medium poodle and he has this cloudiness about 6 month ago in his rigth eye and he barely can see, now the other eye is in the same situation of the other eye. yes, the rubs his eyes and he has a yellow discharged running out his eyes. Sometimes you can see the cloudinees more light, and sometimes you sees it very white. In the white part of his eye, you can see the redness of the veins. Now the other eye is presenting the same symtoms and this appears about a week ago.
Hi Belardo,
It is so hard to tell you what his problem is, without being able to see and examine him, and do things like measuring the pressure in his eyes, and testing for corneal damage.

Cloudiness can result from an injury to the cornea (clear part of the eye, at the very front part of the eye), such a scratch, or sun damage, or an autoimmune disease called pannus. If allowed to heal on its own, without medication, the corneal heals by becoming cloudy and getting blood vessels growing onto the cornea.

An eye with glaucoma (increased pressure inside the eye) can also look cloudy, with blood vessels.

This condition might clear up with topical eye medication containing antibiotics and steroids, but you can only use prescription medications meant to be put into eyes. If it is glaucoma, this will not help; he needs to be on oral medication to lower the pressure in his eyes.

I would recommend having him examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible, to try to save his vision, if possible. There is no over the counter medication that would be safe for you to use, or that would do much good. Hope this helps, Rebecca
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