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My dog is throwing up water and saliva looking vomit . He coughs

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My dog is throwing up water and saliva looking vomit . He coughs and throws up watery goo
Is there any color to the vomit, or is it clear? Does the dog retch before vomiting, or is it a passive action?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the vomit is clear and he retches before vomiting

For tonight, take away food and water. As long as your dog is over 10 months old, and over 6 pounds, he should not get too dehydrated. Give his stomach time to rest and "re-set". No food or water until the morning.


If the vomiting has stopped, you can offer a few tablespoons of water. Wait an hour and if still no vomiting, give a small amount of a balnd diet such as chicken and rice (boiled). Start with a few tablespoons, and wait an hour before offering more.


Dogs often get upset stomachs if they get too much of something they aren't used to. treats, table scraps and chews are often the culprit.


If the vomiting continues through the night, if the dog seems overly lethargic or unresponsive, or shows signs of belly pain, seek immediate care tonight. If there is a chance that your dog swallowed a foreign body, do not wait this out. Otherwise, most cases of vomiting solve themselves with just a bit of support.


Again, no food or water as long as the dog continues to vomit. If the vomiting lasts more than 6 hours, seek a veterinarian's care.


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