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Dr. Duncan
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Experience:  DVM from UF, Internship in Surgery and Internal Med; ER vet; 11 years of veterinary experience
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my dog keeps throwing up. she is drinking a lot of water and

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my dog keeps throwing up. she is drinking a lot of water and cant keep that down. Is there something i can give her to help her tummy?


How long has she been vomiting?

Is she having any other symptoms besides the vomiting?

How old is she and what breed?

Is she spayed?

Could she have gotten into anything toxic or eaten anything she shouldn't have (like trash or swallowing a bone)

Have you given her any medications already?



Dr. D.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am so sorry about the delay in response.. she has been vomiting for about 12 hours. no other symptoms besides vominting. she is 16 months old. she is a mixed rotti and shepard mix. not spayed but has a appointment on the 23rd to get spayed. i have not given her any medications and as far as anything toxic i dont believe so but not positive. i have weeds in the back yard but nothing more.
I would suggest seeing an emergency vet this weekend for some x-rays of her abdomen. Any time there is vomiting in a young dog we worry about possible obstruction of the intestines or the stomach. If you can't make it to a vet hospital today then I would pull up all food and water for the next 8 hours to give her stomach a chance to rest and stay empty. If she is still vomiting during this fast then again I suggest trying to get her examined today.
Other possible causes of vomiting can include parasites or inflammation of the stomach and small intestine or of the pancreas. A fecal test may be performed to check for parvovirus, giardia (a parasite that is contagious to humans) and worms.
   There is nothing that you can safely give her by mouth right now to stop the vomiting. An injection of medication to stop the vomiting can be given by your vet after x-rays are taken. Medications that are used to stop vomiting can also make a pet more ill especially if there is an obstruction of the intestines present.
   Please let me know if you have further questions. I just finished an overnight shift and am heading to sleep for a few hours but I will be available this evening.
Dr. Duncan
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