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Is Aquaphor (skin ointment made by Eucerin) toxic if ingested

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Is Aquaphor (skin ointment made by Eucerin) toxic if ingested by a dog?



Did your dog ingest eucerin?


If so, how much does your dog weigh and when did it happen? And how much did he/she ingest?





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My dog ate Aquaphor. It is an ointment put out by the Eucerin people. She ways about 65lbs and ingestion occured anywhere from 2-5 hours ago. She ate quite abit...maybe 3-4 oz. She isn't showing any signs of feeling ill yet. Wet nose, ears aren't hot, and she is her usuall bouncey self. I just got done giving her 2 cups of milk...several sites have listed that as something good to do. Any info you have for me would be greatly appriciated.

Due to her size I think she will be fine. Eucerin is not toxic and can actually be used orally for irritations, so at most you might note some loose stool due to the amount. But I bet you won't notice anything.


Unless her system is used to milk, I wouldn't give her any more as that might cause more problems with diarrhea than the eucerin.


Good luck!



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Fortunately for her I have a 6 year old son who willing shares his left over cereal milk with her every morning:-) I appriciate your timely response and I am sorry I am not in a postion to tip more favorably. I am extremely greatful for the piece of mind you have offered.


Thanks again!!


You're welcome. That's why I'm here!