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My dog throws up his food after eating

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My dog throws up his food after eating. It can be right away or hours later! We feed him dry food only. He also makes a gagging sound, hacking or like he has a hairball. We started watering down his food to help him digest it. Is this common or something serious? It's been going on for a month or so. Some days he doesn't do it and other days he does a lot.

- Is he eating really fast?

-What breed is he?

-What type of food are you feeding?

-How much at a time?

-How old is he?
-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes he eats really fast. We bought one of those bowls that help him to slow down if he's eating fast. He is a puggle, 3 1/2 yrs old about 30lbs. We feed him a 1/2 cup of dry EVO innova dry food reduced fat no grain food. He just makes these hacking noises like he has a hairball allot. Some days he will do it a lot and other days not at all. Then he sometimes throws his food up. It still looks whole in the throw up with some vial with it. He will randomly do it. But it's been going on for awhile.

This can be very common for excitable little dogs. If he is still eating fast, you might try multiple small meals (if you schedule allows) or put large washable toys (like rubber balls) in with his food so he has to eat around them and slows down. You are feeding a very good diet.

It is also possible that he has a hiatal hernia, just like some people, and periodically he can't keep food down. Diagnosis for that usually requires an abdominal ultrasound, which can also look for any other abnormalities in his GI tract. I would try slowing his eating first, but you have further diagnostics as an option.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Would the eating fast be a reason for the hacking, gagging he has a hairball? Or could that mean something else? We will try to do smaller meals and see if we notice a difference otherwise I will take him to the vet. He is always been obsessed with eating.

Certainly eating too fast can trigger his gag reflex, just as it will in people. He could also have an elongated palate that is getting in the way of proper swallowing. An exam under anesthesia would be necessary to diagnose that. Your vet will also check for a collapsing trachea, which can cause similar noises.