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Peter Bennett, DVM
Peter Bennett, DVM, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  Twenty years experience in small animal clinics in Iowa, Illinois, and Arizona.
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My dog has an open boil on its back.

Customer Question

my dog has an open boil on its back. I squeezed out the blood and puss and put an antibiotic ointment on it. What would have caused this? How do I treat it?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Peter Bennett, DVM replied 11 years ago.


Have a few questions,

Did this infection have as hole in it before you squeezed, or was it like a big pimple.

If it had a hole in it, what state do you live in?

I'll be waiting

Peter Bennett, DVM and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 years ago.

It was like a big pimple. I have been watching it for a few days now. She does have black specks on the fur around the area. I barely squeezed it and it open up a hole.

Expert:  Peter Bennett, DVM replied 11 years ago.

That sounds like a regular abscess, and you did pretty well.

I asked about your residence, and a hole before you popped the thing... There is a condition where certain flies will lay an egg on a little sore, not maggots, now, but a warble. One big maggot-like larva will develop in there, with a 'peep hole' and two black spots looking like eyes looking out. Eventually the warble leaves, and these spots will fester. The hole is about a quarter inch around, and the swelling may be the size of a nickle, or more.

The skin around these is thickened. Looks like a gopher hole, only lots smaller. The warbles cause a reaction in the tissue, and sometimes these are slow to heal.

An abscess has a pretty thin covering over it, when it pops as easily as you described, so we may be looking at a warble after all... An abscess can start from almost anything.. dog can run into a thorn, or a splinter, or whatever. Also, an abscess doesn't tend to be deep, like the other thing. That one may be half inch deep,if you count the swollen sides.

Oh well, treatment is essentially the same.

I am going to assume your dog will let you do pretty much to him without leaving, so.. get some peroxide and Q-tips.

You did fine.

Pour the peroxide on the areas. Don't be stingy. It won't burn, but may 'itch'. If there is a hole, try to swab it with the Q-tip. Some betadine (available at the drug, or WalMart pharmacy)into either wound next. Check it daily and put some ointment in it every couple days, then let it dry. There shouldn't be any drainage, but if there is you can get after it with the peroxide.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.

The swollen area is about the size of a quarter. We live in North Dakota. Not too many flies this time of year? I will get some peroxide. She is a good dog and lets me do anything to her.

This is/was about a half inch deep and still has some pretty good mass to it.

She is on 2.5 mg of Prednisolone to treat an auto immune disease. She is still bleeding some from the hole. Is this because of the Prednisolone?

She is settled and the oozing is almost completely stopped. I am going to bed and will check to see if you gave more info in the morning. Thank you so much.

Expert:  Peter Bennett, DVM replied 11 years ago.

I doubt the pred contributed to the bleeding. It may have lowered her resistance to where she got more of an infection than she should have.

If you have any doggy antibiotics in her kit, like an amoxicillin, or keflex, or cipro, you might give her some for a couple days.

This got sort of out of phase when I sent you the wrong form...How long had this been going on, and was she reacting in any way? What breed, and the autoimmune condition?. You can use the PM feature.

You set a good example.