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david craig
david craig, Auto Mechanic
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I have a 2000 Dodge H/D 2500 with a 5.9 Cummings diesel in

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Dodge H/D 2500 with a 5.9 Cummings diesel in it. It has 77000 miles on it.
Recently while shopping I shut the engine down. It would not start. We gave it a shot of starting fluid and it started. It then ran fine for two weeks and once again I broke down. I had it towed to a repair facility and after putting on a computer I was told the injection pump was gone. Before I was to replace it I had it checked by a Cummings dealer. Once again I was told it was the injection pump. I then purchased a rebuilt injection pump from a reputable dealer for $975.00. It is guaranteed for 6 months. A mechanic friend of mine and myself replaced it following instructions and viewing installation films.. It has run fine now for 3-4 weeks. Today I broke down again. We tried the starting fluid again and it started up again. Poor thing, it now sits in my yard and I am afraid to use it. Is it possible the fuel lift pump is my problem, for when it runs it runs like a top.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

Hi im david, thanks for visting the site,These are symptoms but by the time your getting them the lift pump has been below specs for a long time. They also generally come on so gradually that you'll never notice it. You will notice a difference once you put a good pump on if you had a bad pump (by bad I mean REALLY bad as in drawing a vacuum). IMO, you definitely need a gauge to check pressure and vac

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
David, that was a very brief reply. Do you agree with me on the lift pump in spite of what two computers told me by two different mechanics? The code was -P0216.
Incidentally, the vendor that supplied me with the rebuilt injection pump was Thoroughbred Diesel.
Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

let me check this info out. but yes i agree with the lift pump as described in my previous note

Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

The P0216 is injection pump timing failure. There are only a couple things that will set this code.

The first is low transfer pump flow. If you starve the injector pump of incoming fuel it will set this code. If the fuel filter is plugged or the transfer pump weak or not working, it will set this.

Outside of fuel delivery, the only other thing that can cause this is a failed injector pump. Its not uncommon to replace both pumps at the same time for this. The only thing that lubricates and cools the VP44 injector pump is the incoming diesel fuel. If you starve the pump of its fuel, it self destructs pretty quickly. Many 24 valve owners put a gauge on the inlet of the injector pump so they can monitor the pressure so they can shut down before doing pump damage. The injection pump has the injection pump module that's mounted to the top of it, and that module can also fail at any time and give problems, from the dead pedal to an all out no start.

If you find your transfer pump is ok and the injector pump is the problem, its not a bad idea to replace the transfer pump along with the VP44. Its cheap assurance that you won't ruin your new injector pump. Fass Fuel Systems makes a good stock replacement pump that costs around $30 more, and flows 1/3 more fuel. Chrysler's fix for the problem was to relocate the pump into the tank. This is more efficient. The pump lasts longer because of less vibration (none), it stays cooler, and it flows more. This conversion kit is more money than a stock transfer pump and harder to install, but should last the life of the truck.

Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

please accept the answer and leave a 5 star rating for me if you are satisfied with my assistance. thanks and have a great weekend.

Expert:  david craig replied 10 months ago.

good luck.