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I have changed crank sinser / o2 and that never done

Customer Question

I have changed crank sinser / o2 and that never done anything I even had it at a dodge garage and they couldn't fine anything but they changed my plugs they reset the computer and I had no lights come on but the check engine will stay on and if you drive to much or just go anywhere the lighting bolt comes on and you have to pull off or click it in neutral and shut it off and restart it it will be fine for a moment then keep doing it till you get off but sometimes iit won't start but if you leave it for a good while it will start back and run like nothing is wrong and also if the light would come on it will still let you drive but 20-30 is top speed with your foot all the way down and it sounds like its missing very bad then if you shut it off and turn it back on its fine
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Dan replied 11 months ago.

Hello my name is***** am an ASE Master Technician and I am glad to help you out with your question.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Have you answered my question if so I can't find it
Expert:  Dan replied 11 months ago.

It did not send, but I was wondering if you had the codes or if you have had this scanned for codes?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
everything was erased after it came out of the shop at the dealership they done it
Expert:  Dan replied 11 months ago.

That is unfortunate. The lightning bolt and engine light indicate a throttle body problem, but this would set a code.

Expert:  Dan replied 11 months ago.

Once you get the codes let me know, save this page to your favorites, then it will be easy to get back to.

Expert:  Dan replied 11 months ago.

Hello again Dan here,

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