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I'm looking on how to interface with and communicate

Customer Question

I'm looking for info on how to interface with and communicate with a Kelsey-Hayes 325 ABS EBCU via the CAN data bus. The application is a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup (2 wheel drive / 4 wheel ABS) and while I have several ABS-capable code scanners, NONE is compatible with Dodge Ram trucks prior to 2004. The scanners WILL work with ODBII without issues, but the ABS extensions specifically exclude pre-2004 Dodge Ram pickups from their supported vehicle list. Since the only supported scanner is the Chrysler DRB III scanner that costs $3,000, I'm looking for an alternative means to view the stored fault codes on the EBCU. This particular EBCU does not seem to provide the typical "flash code" display of code numbers, and the codes can only be accessed with the DRB III. Since the Kelsey-Hayes 325 uses a CAN bus to interface with the ODBII controller, it seems reasonable that an application-independent CAN bus sniffer ought to be able interact with the KH325 to retrieve and view codes and even live sensor values via the CAN bus. I found a couple of Arduino-compatible CAN bus interfaces (see for example) but it isn't clear if simply connecting this interface to the CAN bus is all I need to communicate with the KH 325 EBCU. Since virtually all of the code scanners rely on the ELM327 chip set, I suspect that the reason pre-2004 Dodge trucks are not supported has to do with ELM327 support for the the KH 327 - I've heard some anecdotal comments that the Dodge CAN bus implementation pre-2004 was somewhat non-standard (non-compliant?) and this may be the reason why the expensive DRB III scanner is the only one that can communicate with the EBCU. On the other hand, maybe there just isn't a large enough market for ABS code scanning these model year Dodge trucks so the commercial scanners simply haven't been configured to support them. My hope is that if I can connect to the CAN bus and communicate with the ABS controller that I can get raw values that will help pinpoint the cause of persistent and hard to resolve ABS fault codes I'm experiencing.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


Ok, give me about an hour to see if I can find an affordable application that can read those codes for you or any workaround that I am not aware off