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cloe0626, Auto Mechanic
Category: Dodge
Satisfied Customers: 824
Experience:  was a mechanic in the army for four years and have been working at a dealer ship the past five years
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I would like a US Dodge mechanic to answer this question: I

Customer Question

I would like a US Dodge mechanic to answer this question:
I consider buying a Durango and would like to know which of these models is the best alternative and why:
1) 2014 3.6 Limited with 15 k miles, 8 speed aut
2) 2013 5.7 Citadel with 38 k miles, 6 speed aut
Towing capacity does not matter to me, but reliability and cost of ownership does.
Are there any known issues/problems with the Durango, and what should I be aware of?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  cloe0626 replied 1 year ago.

i would go with 2013 5.7 l the motor is much more reliable then the 3.6 l ive had alot of issues from the 3.6 l when it comes to the exhaust system the cats clog up quite often causing blow back in through the intake i hop this info has helped if you need anything else let me know be sure to rate my services when you get the chance

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I got the understanding from another Justanswer tech guy that the Durangos have some issues with electrical and transmissions on the 2013 and up models, with a tendency for the transmissions to go out and cost a lot of money to replace and that they also have problems with minor things, like window switches, emissions control devices, etc. What is your view upon this?
I'm also looking at a 2010 Lincoln MKT Ecoboost (40 k miles, fully loaded), and a 2013 Ford Exlorer Limited (not Ecoboost, 40 k miles, also fully loaded). How would you rate these cars against the Durango?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm currently driving a 2008 Cadillac SRX 3.6 AWD, and it's been nothing but trouble the last 3 years - constantly needing repair of this and that...
I should mention that I live in Denmark, and that I have to order spareparts from the US as workshops don't have them on stock.
Expert:  cloe0626 replied 1 year ago.

there has been quite afew issues with the transmissions going out i my self havent seen to many problems with the electrical systems but as for comparing the durango with the explorer i would choose the explorer alot more reliable all the way around but Lincolns they are great and will run forever

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, am I getting it right that you recommend not buying the Durango?
The Lincoln I'm looking at is this one:
Any comments - besides the alternative color...? ;-) Do you know if there are any issues or problems with this model?
Expert:  cloe0626 replied 1 year ago.

i would recommend the Lincoln give me a moment let me check it out

Expert:  cloe0626 replied 1 year ago.

its a beautiful car and no there are no reported issues with this model and personally i love the two tune you need anything else let me know be sure to rate my service when you get the chance