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Chris (aka-Moose)
Chris (aka-Moose), Technician
Category: Dodge
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Defroster trouble on 2006 Durango began this winter. Lots of

Customer Question

Defroster trouble on 2006 Durango began this winter. Lots of heat but must select manual defrost and blower high to defrost the windshield and part of the front door windows. Had blender door, I think, noises last summer - clacking sound for 10 to 20 seconds after start
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Chris (aka-Moose) replied 1 year ago.

Welcome, I'm Chris (aka Moose) I'm an independent contractor here at Just Answer.

Is the heat output about 140 degrees?

Is the blower speed and air flow out of the vents correct?

Are you getting moisture on the inside of the glass?

Thanks for asking your question and letting me try to help you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sure about output temp but with minus 25 degree Celsius outside air temperature , the inside temp is as selected , normally 21 or 22 degrees Celsius.
Blower speed is very good and I think correct. On full manual defrost flow is to the windshield with some out the side window vents
Unusual amount of moisture on all glass. Had the Durango for 6 winters with no issues using automatic control system.
I turned on the rear passenger heat full with high rear blower high with slightly better results but still can't see out rear windows.
Expert:  Chris (aka-Moose) replied 1 year ago.

When using defrost the AC compressor should be running to cool the evaporator so all air flow into the cab first goes through the evaporator to remove the moisture from the air, then it gets heated. Since your having a moisture issue inside. It can be the compressor not running or it can be snow on your feet causing to much moisture in the cab. Heated moisture results in steam. Steam settles and makes condensation on something cold like glass.

Thanks for asking your question and letting me try to help you.

If you are unable to rate my response GOOD or EXCELLENT now. Please let me know why ( if I need to help more) and when you will be able to.

Follow up/Reply as many times as needed before or after rating.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Seldom get much snow inside. I'll check the compressor. The AC was working well this fall. Can I get back to you tomorrow?
Expert:  Chris (aka-Moose) replied 1 year ago.

You sure can.

Expert:  Chris (aka-Moose) replied 1 year ago.

I like to stay in contact with my customers that appear not pleased, still working on the concern, or have not rated yet. I assume you were not pleased with my help. I hate that you have spent money to get an answer but left not happy. Can you tell me why, or can I help more. If its more help you need just reply and we can pick up where we left off.

Thanks Chris