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Looking second opinion to cross-check a previous answer.

Customer Question

Looking for a second opinion to cross-check a previous answer.History:
Own a 2002 Dodge Intrepid, 2.7L engine. Began to notice antifreeze leaking into the oil. Was suspicious of a faulty / leaky water pump. Requested that a local mechanic replace the water pump, timing belt, and thermostat. There were no problems with the car prior to the car entering the garage - no active engine codes. Upon completion of the work-up, there was an engine code, but it wasn't checked. The car ran fine at idle. Upon going home, noticed that the car would hesitate / misfire when trying to give it some pedal to reach highway speeds. It seemed as if the car was being hesitant around 2400-2500 RPM.Brought it back to the mechanic - initial thoughts were that it was electrical and not related to the work performed. They indicated that the crank shaft and cam positioning sensor needed to be changed. These sensors were both changed w/ no results. We were seeing an ODB p0116, p0118 the first day. Upon changing those sensors - the codes did not go away. We tried to reset the codes with a computer scanner and then the car wouldn't start! Let the car sit overnight and tried again the next morning and no issue starting - but the issue remained. Went to reset the codes and then the car wouldn't start again. Reseated the CAM sensor in the front and the issue with the car not starting went away. We also noticed a loose ground on the right side (while facing the engine) and this was tightened. Eventually - we then started to see a P0300 and P0406 error code as well.Took the car to a local Dodge dealership and they ran a diagnostic on it. They returned with the suspicion being the timing belt off 1 tooth and that the engine vacuum was 1-2 inches below spec. Brought this back to the original mechanic - and they ripped the car apart again.At this point - they mentioned that the tensioner was bent/bad and that this had been fixed. Upon putting the car back together - the car is still having the same initial issue - that it did NOT have when it first entered the mechanic. We took it back to the dealership again for their opinion and they are standing by that it is a mechanical problem, where as the original mechanic shop is stating it is an electrical problem. When they returned the car to us the first time - the car was idling very high. We took it back and they fixed a vacuum hose that was not placed back onto the car correctly.The car has <100,000 miles on it right now. We are looking for a second opinion into this issue from another expert on this type of vehicle.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


It would help to know the fault code, but based upon symptoms, it sounds like the timing may be off a tooth.