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-Brad-, Dodge Dealership Tech
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Have a 06 dodge grand caravan - 3.8L with a 41TE transaxle.

Customer Question

Have a 06 dodge grand caravan - 3.8L with a 41TE transaxle. Zero issues - no slippage, no issues shifting. But it dad an issue where it threw a 1776 code - local mechanic replaced the solenoid pack and replaced filter & fluid. HOWEVER, vehicle immediately went into limp mode, mechanic said transmission was shot. I went to dealer for 2nd opinion. They found insufficient pressure and dropped pan only to find the transmission filter was laying in pan (it had fallen off). What damage, if any, would running the vehicle in limp mode with no filter cause?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  -Brad- replied 1 year ago.

Good morning and welcome to JustAnswer!!!

When the filter come off it could have starved the pump of oil and damaged the pump and/or clutches.. The only way to see what is damaged is to install filter and quicklearn the transmission with a scantool and drive it.. Then if it slips, check engine light, won't shift you can address the issues then.. But maybe if it wasn't driven then you should be ok.. But if you have any metal in the pan I would pull it out..

Glad I could help,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The original mechanic reported after he changed the filter (and it obvisouly fell off) that he coudl not get the transmisison to "quick learn" and that is why he said the transmission was toast. It was run for at least an hour without oil and was driven in limp mode for at least 5 miles.. again.. all with no filter on. Bear in mind. The transmission has zero issues (except for that 1776 code) before I took to original mechanic. So are you reporting that no filter would result in no pressure (which BTW the dealership reported no pressue and that;s why they dropped the pan) and no pressure would then result in the symptom of the transmission not being able to quick learn?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hello... just seeing if my follow up question made it up thru to you. thanks
Expert:  -Brad- replied 1 year ago.

Sorry for the delay..

At this time I would suggest repairing the filter so the pump can get the fluid and then perform a quicklearn. after the quicklearn write down the CVI(Clutch Volume Index) and then drive it. If it sets any active DTC's or will not shift then you will need to run the diagnostics for the codes to determine the issue..

Let's hope it shifts fine once the filter it repaired, but if it doesn't the shop that didn't install the filter corrctly needs to repair your vehicle..

I hope this helps,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand the "at this time" what needs done. What I am looking for is "how did I get here". We know that the transmisison had one issue - a 1776 code - we know that the transmission was shifting and driving just fine - we had the solenoid pack replaced and the transmission filter replaced. We subsequentially know that while the garage was replacing the solenoid pack and filter that the filter was not properly installed and the transmission went into "limp mode". Would the fact that the filter was not properly installed cause the "limp mode" and would driving it for 10 miles in limp mode with lack of proper fluid pressure cause the clutches to burn up?
Expert:  -Brad- replied 1 year ago.

Yes the lack of fluid will quickly cause a transmission to burn up.. The shop that didn't install the filter correct cause this damage to your transmission..

Glad I could help and thank you for the positive rating,