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-Brad-, Dodge Dealership Tech
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Experience:  16 Yrs Chrysler/Dodge Technician. ASE Master Certified(L-1)
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2002 ram 1500 4WD lost all power I put a new ECM modle on

Customer Question

2002 ram 1500 4WD lost all power I put a new ECM modle on power cam back all light but service 4WD light is still on and it will not shift in 4WD does the service 4WD code have to be cleared befor it will shift
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  -Brad- replied 2 years ago.

Good afternoon and welcome to JustAnswer!!

Can I get the last 8 of your VIN and also confirm you replaced the ECM(Engine Control Module) yourself? Was it programmed?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Vin 2j141233 yes I put a new ECM and it was programmed by my VIN number the truck rus and drives good I also took off negative Battery cable turned key on for 15 sec turned off and took key out put cable back on started truck at idle all three lights com on and blinked on and off and Service 4wd light still on
Expert:  -Brad- replied 2 years ago.

What codes are in the TCCM?

Expert:  -Brad- replied 2 years ago.

The TCCM is the Transfer Case Control Module which likely have a code. When you retrieve the code with a scantool you will know whhat needs to be repaired.. It could just need resetting by followling this case.

Vehicle IssueService Four Wheel Drive Lamp On => Disconnect TCCM for Ten Minutes.;What type of transmission or final drive concern is this ? >> Four wheel drive (4WD) or all wheel drive (AWD) system What is the symptom or condition being addressed ? >> Electrical issue / miscellaneous Have the TCCM power feed and ground circuits been checked ? >> No - TCCM power / ground circuits will be checked before proceeding >> Yes - TCCM power / ground circuits were checked What model transfer case is in the vehicle ? >> NV 233 - Part time unit (Electronic shift) >> NV 243 - Part time unit (Electronic shift) >> NV 244 - Full / part time unit (Electronic shift) What type of electrical issue is being addressed ? >> Service 4WD lamp on in instrument panel Can you duplicate or verify the reported condition ? >> Yes - condition can be duplicated intermittantly >> Yes - condition can be duplicated constantly Did you perform a search for bulletins that may relate to the issue being addressed ? >> No - bulletin search will be done before proceeding >> Yes - bulletin search has been done Has the transfer case fluid level been checked ? >> No - fluid level will be checked before proceeding >> Yes - transfer case fluid level has been checked

System or ComponentCustomer Concern (No DTCs);Transfer Case Assembly;Yes - Intermittent

RecommendationDisconnect TCCM from main harness for 10 minutes to re-initialize. Service four wheel drive lamp in instrument panel is illuminated. No diagnostic trouble codes are set in the transfer case control module (TCCM). Power feed and ground circuits to TCCM have been checked. Disconnect TCCM from main harness for 10 minutes. This will allow the TCCM to re-initialize. Service four wheel drive lamp should be OFF when TCCM is re-connected.

If this doesn't work reply back with the codes so I can help you get it fixed up..