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I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500. the check gauges light came on

Customer Question

i have a 2001 dodge ram 1500. the check gauges light came on and chimed intermitently and all gauges shut off. The mechanic said that the alternator and battery was low. he replaced both. picked up the truck the next day and the same thing happened 2 blocks down the road. what do i do? i don't want to be sinking money into this truck not knowing what's going on.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Richard replied 2 years ago.

This problem can be caused by a number of things like a failing instrument cluster, bus communication issue, intermittent loss of power or ground to the cluster, or PCM issue. The instrument cluster controls the gauges by information it receives from the PCM over the bus communication wires.

When the gauges drop out, does the odometer display no bus?

When the gauges come back, do all the cluster warning lights illuminate for a few seconds then go out?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't know. I didnt get the chance to look at the odometer when everything shut off. It happens while operating the vehicle and didn't think to look at the odometer to the busy off light because I'm trying to manouver the truck to the side of the road. How do I check that?The second question, the gauges went back on when I turned the motor back on after 10 minutes, bit didn't notice the Busy Off light on odometer, but noticed the check gauges light was still illuminated
Expert:  Richard replied 2 years ago.

Does the engine quit when the gauges drop off or does the engine continue to run?

When the gauges drop off and the check gauges light turns on, have a look at the digital odometer and see if it displays "no bus" instead of your current mileage. This information is needed to help you diagnose this.

Thank you,