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Category: Dodge
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Where is the location of the exhaust sensor module on a 2011

Customer Question

Where is the location of the exhaust sensor module on a 2011 ram diesel 6.7 3500
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Why is it telling me lost connection with exhaust gas sensor module on my 2011 Dodge ram diesel 3500 I replaced the O2 sensor's and O2 sensor harness and now getting one reading of lost connection
Expert:  vipertech763 replied 2 years ago.

Evening, When you installed the o2 sensor have to cut the old connectors off going to the 2 o2 sensors and also you have to transfer 4 wires from the o2 sensor module on the passenger outside frame trail to the new connector before cutting the module connector off the original harness. Did you transfer the 4 wires? The harness kit comes with 4 wires/terminals that you may or may not need to use depending on if the 4 original wires had gold plating. The 4 that come in the kit do have gold plating. Please let me know how you installed the replacement harness please. The 4 wires that have to be transferred are the power/ground/and 2 communication wires for the o2 sensor module.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I did transfer the wires, however they only gave me three wires I was missing a new black one so I transferred the black one from the old harness and installed it what do you mean by cut the old connectors from the O2 sensor's the harness I was given plugged in with new connectors...
Expert:  vipertech763 replied 2 years ago.

yes you were given new connectors that were part of the new harness but the old connectors no longer get used in the original harness so as to not cause confusion with any one working on it in the future.....the instructions say to cut the cold connectors off and tap the harness up. You are correct about the 3 wires. I forgot that they mention that terminal #10 will always be gold plated and just needs to be transferred, its the other 3 that you have to inspect. It seems that if you never had a comm code for the exhaust sensor module until the o2 harness was installed then you may have an issue with the install. Can you please let me know that the code number is ***** that I can make sure we are speaking of the same item.