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sprinkles08, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep master tech
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Eric new question not a duplicate. Eric, having trouble with

Customer Question

Eric new question not a duplicate. Eric, having trouble with insurance company. I registered for another month June 25, 2015. Anyway here I go again. My 2014 Dodge Ram Cummings Diesel was vandalized on New Years Eve. It was finally diagnosed later that
DEF was put in it. Anyway I started the truck and drove away. Water in fuel, check engine and chime came on. Truck quit running and I drained filters. Started but warnings still on and quit running again. I then pumped out most of the fuel using the rear fuel
pump. Drained filters numerous times. Truck finally run fine. I put about 200 miles on truck and changed filters. I had white crystals inside and outside of the filters. Deleted water in fuel codes and others to see if they came back on. Nothing came back
on and I now realize I should have saved them. Thought it was water at this time. Decided to have fuel tank and system flushed at dealer. Not satisfied with dealer and I had it done at a different dealer. It was then figured out it was DEF from the fuel filters
I saved. Dealer contacted Chrysler and they said entire fuel system needed replaced. Insurance company said no and would only cover tank and high pressure pump and it would be all that was needed. It was done. Had dealer contact Chrysler again after partial
repair and they stated we would have to start all over again replacing entire fuel system especially rail and injectors. They stated it was a high pressure and return system. Not doing it right re-contaminated entire fuel system again. Chrysler has stated
twice and just lately not to drive the truck. I will lose my warranty if fuel system is not replaced according to Chrysler. It is July now and I want to use and drive my truck. The insurance company has denied my claim to replace the entire fuel system as
they should have in the first place. I had argued and told them the entire fuel system needed replaced in the first place but they went the cheap and wrong way. I am having a constant fight with the insurance company and they have now denied my claim. Would
it be ok to drive now as the insurance company states or do I have to replace the entire fuel system with rail, tubes and injectors this time? What would happen if I drive the truck? It looks like arbitration now and another 3 months without the truck. I do
not want to take a chance and lose my warranty. Thanks, Mike
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!
This question is nearly a word for word duplicate of the other open question for the same issue but administration has reopened it so I will respond.
It sounds like you may have more of a legal question regarding the insurance company but I can offer technical advice.
When a fuel system is contamination the correct repair is to replace all components in the system. The DEF may or may not have done permanent damage but the standard answer is to replace all components and flush any remaining components (lines, tank, etc). Having water in the system and continuing the run the engine will wear the high pressure pump pistons and injectors, sending metal throughout the system. If the components were not all replaced and everything flushed out at the same time then that leaves water/DEF/etc in the rest of the system, when the engine is ran then that simply circulates what is left into the new components.
It may be fine at this point and I would really expect it to be, but the bigger issue is that Chrysler is involved and knows the correct repair procedure has not been done and appears to be ready to void the engine/fuel system warranties. The issue is really between Chrysler and the insurance company. I would recommend trying to obtain something in writing from the dealer/Chrysler stating what needs to be done and present that to the insurance company. You may need to seek a lawyer to get the insurance company to replace the necessary parts.