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Dakota: :My mechanic just swapped a running '00 4.7 engine(2x2)

Customer Question

My mechanic just swapped a running '00 4.7 engine(2x2) to an '03 (4x4) Dodge Dakota. It just cranks and won't start. My mechanic did this not me, I'm only on the look for possible issues he could've overlooked that need his attention. Thanks,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  bill replied 2 years ago.
your mechanic may have the wrong engine, we made many changes to the crankshaft tone ring over the years, he needs to count the teeth on the original one and the replacement one they MUST be the same number of teeth.are any codes setting?is there fuel pressure, spark?
Expert:  bill replied 2 years ago.
in fact going by the hollandar interchange guide the EARLIEST engine that can be used in the 03 Dakota is a 2002 the LATEST is 2004 so the 2000 engine is definitely NOT compatible with the 2003 computer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

So, an engine size and same generation and operating in perfect order doesn't fit in a body in perfect working condition and same generation? What are the options besides throwing the engine (or the body) away? Which one you think is the cheapest option?

Expert:  bill replied 2 years ago.

same generation?

you said one engine was from a 2000 the other was from a 2003 those are definitely NOT the same generation computer wise, between 2000 and 2003 the computers changes exponentially, the tone ring on the crank sensor went from 16 teeth to 32 teeth so the newer much faster computers can control the timing (injector and ignition) much more accurately, this means the engine MUST match the computer, and due to the very different design differences in the computers they are NOT interchangeable.

the cheapest option is return the incorrect engine and get the correct one, if your mechanic supplied this engine it's their responsibility to get the correct one, however if you supplied the engine, i would go back to the recycler and say look in your interchange manuals and get me the correct engine, the change in tone ring teeth is a very well known thing and all my recyclers always say to check the tone ring on the dead engine before they even think about quoting one of these engines.

i have heard of some people attempting to swap tone rings BUT it is very difficult and if not done correctly the engine will never run correctly.

sorry about the bad news but this is a very

common problem and is well known any recycler that is up to date with their interchange books should have caught this