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I had my mechanic replace my crank sensor, when i picked up

Customer Question

i had my mechanic replace my crank sensor, when i picked up my car the tail lights and parking lights were on. he couldn't figure it out and they went off by themselves. it stalled twice that day but no engine light came on. hoping it was a fluke i went won't start this morning. it almost starts, it might start for a few sec. then it stalls. did the mechanic screw something up or do i need something else done to it?
Submitted: 2 years ago via
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Lou P. replied 2 years ago.
Did it run the same before and after the crank sensor ? Or had it just started running bad since the crank sensor was replaced. The more info the merrier. I base my answer on the info you provide so please do not leave anything out. Lou
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it seemed to be running better at it won't start. the problem started with a little bit of stalling with a check engine light. it would start right back up. the first thing he did was reset things. he got the engine light to go off. it did it again a few hours later. next he replaced the fuel filter. light went off for a little while but a few hours later it happened again. then he changed the cam sensor the codes for the cam and crank sensor were showing. car seemed to be running good after all the replacements. but the stalling would get a little worse.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
before all the replacements it would feel like it was going to stall a lot. it ran a little smoother after every replacement. he was here yesterday and the codes for the cam/crank were coming up still.
Expert:  Lou P. replied 2 years ago.
ok, if he had replaced the cam and crank sensor, that tells me then its a wiring issue to one or both sensors, i would run the car and start wiggling the wiring harness near the sensors and also all around the engine, can you give me the codes?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
p1391 and p0304
Expert:  Lou P. replied 2 years ago.
Ok you have two options. 1 bad wiring to the sensors. Or 2 a broken flywheel , the flywheel will not make noise but may have broken and spun causing the signals to mis align. Hope this information helps Please take a second and click the box and rate my service GOOD OR EXCELLENT SERVICE if you feel I have been helpful and please request me in the future. If you feel I have not been helpful please DO NOT RATE BAD OR POOR AND WASTE YOUR MONEY , I will opt out to see if another expert can provide more or better assistance so you're not wasting your money!!. Thanks for choosing just answer. Lou. also , if you feel i deserve one , BONUSES are GREATLY APPRECIATED ! ūüėČ