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Don - Mo Lurch
Don - Mo Lurch, Aftermarket & Factory Electronics
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Cert. Dodge & Chrysler Warnty, Heavy Line Mech, Mobile Electronics. Sales, Installation & Repair for 30 years
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Dodge Pleasureway rv: Could you send the link again regarding

Customer Question

Could you send the link again regarding the 1999 dodge pleasureway belly pan gasket problem? I'm thinking of buying one it has 40,000 miles on it.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.
Where did you see this link?can you post the URL?thanks
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.


did you still need help?

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I found a 6 yr old web page from Just Ask where Sean Medling responded about a 1999 Dodge ram van*****oil problem.I couldn't read the question but the response was: The intake manifold has a belly pan in the lifter gallery with a gasket that has an issue of blowing out when the gasket starts to leak it creates and internal vacuum leak that will suck engine oil into the intake allowing the oil to be burned. There was a service bulletin/part numbers/steps on how to verify. A link for this info was provided. I was planning on purchasing one of these vehicles with 40,000 miles on it very soon and was wondering if this could be a serious costly problem. The test drive didn't show any problems. So could you send me that link and is this something that could change my mind?

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.
sorry for the delay.............Greetings...... “Hi, I’m Don (akaCustomer and I look forward to helping you!”.Thank you for the response......The info you are referring to is a vehicle "Service Bulletin"Here is the TSBYou will need .pdf readerSee attachment below.IF you need more information, please ask "prior" to Rating.. Please take a moment to rate my service so that I can get credit for my time.NOTE: Do NOT Rate on how much TIME you waited, because I am not on 24 / 7 and I answer as soon as I see the question.The question will still remain open for follow up questions if needed..Rating is very Important to our Service..
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.





was that the info you needed?

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 2 years ago.
Hello again Lurch here.

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