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Caravan: having a repeat problem that was solved in Sep after

Customer Question

having a repeat problem that was solved in Sep after I replaced the flexpate. the gauge problem that I thought was another problem went away. Well it came back a week ago. Now I'm getting that old code of PS340 and it was hard to start. I am hoping its not the flex plate again cause that is no fun for a driveway fix.hoping it might be something simple like pcm. if it would not hurt anything but the mileage I can get one from pull a part. Hoping for your help again thanks in advance mike
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!
P0340 is for a lack of signal from the cam sensor. This code sets when the PCM sees input from the crank sensor but not the cam.
This is going to be the cam sensor itself or a wiring issue. The wiring can be easily tested by ensuring the sensor ground, reference and pullup voltages are ok at the cam sensor connector. If ok then the cam sensor should be replaced with a Mopar part. You very likely just have a failed cam sensor.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That still did not fix the problems the voltage was good and I replaced the sensor again.
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
Where did the replacement come from?
Does the enggine crank at a normal speed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Napa yes. It seems to be getting worse. It was only jerking at 2500 tons are so now it dose it at lower Rpms. It takes up to a min of cranking to start.just cant wrap my head on how a flywheel could go bad in 8 Months but it sure seems like the same problem.
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
A Napa sensor isn't going to work correctly. If the wiring is good then replace the sensor with a Mopar part.