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Dodge Nitro RT: I have a 2wd 2007 Dodge Nitro RT. 4.0 engine

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I have a 2wd 2007 Dodge Nitro RT. 4.0 engine and the water pump is leaking. What are the steps/warnings associated with changing the pump?

Tom :

Hi, and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help the best I can. I may need to ask questions to better understand your concern.

I can provide you with the service information if you would like. I will give you the heads up first that this is a very involved and lengthy repair. It also involves removing the timing belt which might as well be replaced if you are in there.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Go ahead with your qestions.

Tom :


Disconnect negative battery cable.

2.Remove air filter housing

3.Drain cooling system

4.Remove coolant recover container

5.Remove viscous radiator fan

6.Remove RH engine mount through bolt.

7.Raise engine assembly.

8.Carefully unbolt the air conditioning compressor from the front of engine. Do not disconnect any A/C hoses from the compressor. Temporarily support the compressor.

9.Remove accessory drive belt bracket.

10.Remove engine timing belt


Full Size Image

11.Remove water pump mounting bolts (3).

12.Remove water pump.

13.Clean mounting surface.
JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

How high do I raise the engine and since the oil pan is cast, where is the best place to lift?

Tom :

Next is the timing belt info:

CAUTION:The 4.0L is NOT a freewheeling engine. Therefore, loosen the valve train rocker assemblies before servicing the timing drive.

1.Perform fuel pressure release procedure. (Refer to 14 - Fuel System/Fuel Delivery - Standard Procedure) .

2.Disconnect negative battery cable.

3.Remove both cylinder head covers and loosen the rocker arm assemblies (Refer to 09 - Engine/Cylinder Head/ROCKER ARM, Valve - Removal) .

4.Remove the front timing belt cover (Refer to 09 - Engine/Valve Timing/COVER(S) , Engine Timing - Removal) - REMOVAL).

5.Mark belt running direction, if timing belt is to be reused.

CAUTION:When aligning timing marks, always rotate engine by turning the crankshaft. Failure to do so will result in valve and/or piston damage.

6.Rotate engine clockwise until crankshaft (10) mark aligns with the TDC mark on oil pump housing (9) and the camshaft sprocket (2, 7) timing marks (1, 8) are aligned with the marks on the rear cover.

7.Remove the timing belt tensioner (12) and remove timing belt.

8.Inspect the tensioner for fluid leakage.

9.Inspect the pivot and bolt for free movement, bearing grease leakage, and smooth rotation. If not rotating freely, replace the arm and pulley assembly.

10.When tensioner is removed from the engine it is necessary to compress the plunger into the tensioner body.CAUTION: Index the tensioner in the vise the same way it is installed on the engine. This ensures proper pin orientation when tensioner is installed on the engine.

a.Place the tensioner into a vise (1) and SLOWLY compress the plunger. Total bleed down of tensioner should take about 5 minutes.

b.When plunger is compressed into the tensioner body install a pin (2) through the body and plunger to retain plunger in place until tensioner is installed.

Tom :

Should just have to raise the engine slightly to remove the mount bolt. You can use a wood block to spread the weight out on the oil pan.

Tom :

Also needs raised enough to detach AC compressor from the accessory drive, so it is a few inches

Tom :


Installation of water pump 4.0L ENGINE

Labor Operations: Click to display a list of Labor Operations associated with this procedure

1.Position water pump and new gasket.

2.Install water pump mounting bolts.Tighten to 12 N·m (105 in. lbs.).

3.Install engine timing belt (Refer to 09 - Engine/Valve Timing/SPROCKET(S) , Timing Belt and Chain - Installation)

4.Install accessory drive bracket. Tighten bolts to 54 N·m (40 ft. lbs.).

5.Position A/C compressor and install A/C compressor mounting nuts. Tighten nuts to 28 N·m (21 ft. lbs.).

6.Lower engine and install RH engine mount through bolt. Tighten bolt to 54 N·m (40 lbs. ft.).

7.Install accessory drive belt (Refer to 07 - Cooling/Accessory Drive/BELT, Serpentine - Installation) .

8.Install viscous radiator fan (Refer to 07 - Cooling/Engine/FAN, Cooling - Installation) .

9.Install coolant recover container (Refer to 07 - Cooling/Engine/BOTTLE, Coolant Recovery - Installation) .

10.Install air filter assembly (Refer to 09 - Engine/Air Intake System/BODY, Air Cleaner - Installation) .

11.Connect negative battery cable.

12.Evacuate air and refill cooling system. (Refer to 07 - Cooling/Engine/PUMP, Water - Standard Procedure)

13.Check cooling system for leaks.(Refer to 07 - Cooling - Diagnosis and Testing)

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

The links to additional info, IE fuel pressure relied procedure, rocker are loosening etc are not working.

Tom :

Sorry those links never seem to transfer over. I can individually post them though.

Fuel pressure release is basically pulling the fuel pump relay or fuse and letting the engine die as it runs out of fuel pressure.

The rockers are loosened but not removed to make it easier to turn the engine over.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Ok. Do you have the torque values for the rocker assemblies, timing cover and valve covers?

Tom :


Tighten the timing cover bolts as follows:

  1. M6 bolts - 12N·m (105 in.lbs.)

  2. M8 bolts - 28N·m (250 in.lbs.)

  3. M10 bolts - 54N·m (40 lbs.ft.)

Tom :

cylinder head cover (1) and bolts (2). Tighten to 12 N·m (105 in. lbs.

Tom :

Tighten the rocker arm/shaft assembly bolts in the sequence shown to 31 N·m (275 in. lbs.).

Full Size Image

Tom :

You will need a puller for the crankshaft damper as well.

Full Size Image

Tom :

My apologies for the unorganized order of things. Chrysler service info has a lot of links that jump around.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Got it. Is there a need to remove the timing belt tensioner if I am not replacing the timing belt. This engine only has 40,000 miles on it. The sequence image will not show. is this like the old mopar shafts, start in the middle and work out, if is this something different?

Tom :

Yes, the timing belt tensioner will have to be removed anyway to let the tension off of the belt so it can come loose from the water pump.

For some reason some of the pictures are not loading on the site tonight.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Ok. I copied the link for the rocker sequence to a document and it showed, so that problem is solved.

Tom :

Glad you're having better luck than I am. I could try and fill in some blanks tomorrow on my computer at work. I'm on my laptop at home that is finicky with pictures and links.

Tom :

I think it's a Java software glitch

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

I think the only other info I need is this link (Refer to 09 - Engine/Valve Timing/COVER(S) , Engine Timing - Removal) so I have the tightening sequence, if there is one. I have to get this car fixed tomorrow because I'm headed across the country on Friday.

Tom :


JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Oops. Torque for the crankshaft dampner?

Tom :

Crank dampner = 70 ft lbs.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

I just reread everything and I think the info you gave me should work. This is my first time on this site, I guess I use the save and exit link then get back on if I find a hole in the info? Do I rate when I get the job done?

Tom :

You can open this same thread when you come back. The site notifies me when you are back on the thread. You're more than welcome to rate when you get the job done as I will be available to help with any addition info along the way.

JACUSTOMER-8lqp0lvf- :

Ok, thanks. I'll be tearing into it first thing in the morning and I'll let you know if I have problems. Have a good night.

Tom :

No problem. You too


I re-engaged the dealer and pushed the issue of the repair. I found that my extended warranty covered this repair so the car is at the dealership being repaired. Thanks for the info, I also have an 08 Ram so I may be using your services again.

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