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Experience:  ASE Certified since 1972,Master Auto tech,Heavy Truck,dodge dealer Tech
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dodge ram 1500 v8 magnum 5.2: Have 1995 dodge ram 1500. Over

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Have 1995 dodge ram 1500. Over heating. Pulled thermastat. Pulled hose from radiator. On top of radiator. Have flow of anti frezze all the way through everything still over me..


Hi, glad to be of help. How hot does it get? Does it overheat at idle or highway speeds? The first thing to check is combustion gases in cooling system. This would indicate a bad head gasket. You can check this with a tool called block check that you can get on loan from autozone. If it only overheats at highway speeds, this indicates a clogged radiator. Check your fan operation and air flow through radiator. If you see bubbles in radiator, this would indicate air or combustion gases in cooling system. Pressure test your cooling system and radiator cap & check for leaks. If your radiator cap doesn't hold the indicated pressure on cap, replace it. For every pound of pressure, it raises the boiling point 2 degrees.


The problem may be a bad fan clutch. See:


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It does cool down while idling....running anrifrezze pushes into overflo. Tjen as it cools sucks it back out. Didnt notice bubbles. Is there anyway to temp fixclutch fan?

There is no way to fix fan clutch other than replacing it. From your description, it sounds like you simply have a bad radiator cap. Pressure test it and your cooling system to see if it holds pressure. If it holds pressure, consider fan clutch and or radiator.

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Your radiator cap should hold at 16 psi. If it don't, replace it. Thank you for your excellent feedback. Thank you for using just answer.

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