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Dodge RAM 1500 4x2: I want to clean my throttle body, already

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I want to clean my throttle body, already have it off...not sure the right thing to clean it with or if its okay to push open...also the reason I am doing all this is that check engine was for egr and after replacing, truck is fine til 60mph then it revs and rumbles plus very light ticking sound

Hello and welcome. Thank you for trusting us with your vehicle concerns, I will do my best to help you with your question.


This is what Dodge says about it,

CAUTION: Do not use spray (carb) cleaners on any part of the throttle body. Do not apply silicone lubricants to any part of the throttle body.


Do you know if there are any trouble codes? (that may point toward the TB)


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No codes...last week the computer they hooked up at autozone said egr valve so I changed it (after the plugs,wires,air filter) and check engine light went off but when I got it up to about 60mph it jerked and I could hear that air/ticking kind of sound...thought I would try cleaning throttle body and pcv valve (can that be cleaned?)or replacing it...not sure what else it could be

Thanks, Toni


There was an update for the TB software on some, but that would be more in very colder temps.
I think the air/ticking you hear may be a spark knock, (pinging).

That could be the result of low fuel pressure/flow, (but the filter is at the tank) or the EGR valve may be working but the passages could be a little clogged up.

You may want to take it off and be sure that the passages, (on the intake side) are clear.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok I will try that but can you tell me how I clean the thrittle body since I already have it off and it looks pretty dirty...can I push open the flap or will that cause a problem? And should I use break cleaner?

A small amount of brake cleaner on a rag, but don't open the throttle plate manually, (by hand). Also you don't want any to get inside the electronics, (TPS, TAC). Sometimes a small amount of mineral spirits on a rag will help to cut the heavy deposits, then wipe clean and dry. Thanks

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1 last thing (promise)...I am checking the egr valve now...what would the spark knock be caused by? Could any of it be from plugs being over tighteded?

No, a spark knock is from high cylinder temperatures. Normally a lean condition, (low fuel pressure) or the EGR system which helps to keep the cylinders cool. Timing would also do it in the older vehicles but that is controlled by the PCM now days. Spark plugs and their torque wouldn't have any bearing on it.

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