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durango: I have a 2000 Durango that I bought with a bad transmission.

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I have a 2000 Durango that I bought with a bad transmission. it would not pull any gear. the fluid looked like gear oil so I changed the filter and pan fluid. it started pulling good but kind of strained between 1 and 2. I put some sea foam and a little brake fluid in it and drove it. it pulled good and started shifting pretty good. after about 25 miles it stopped pulling. I found that filter and inside tranny coated with what almost looks like tar. is very thick. put another filter in it but does not pull very good forward and will try but cant back up at all. drove it up the street and it seemed to pull good forward but the o/d light came on and will not go off. don't know what they put in it. are theresolenoids that could be clogged or the valve body clogged causing it and what can I try to clear this stuff out.
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I'm a 15 Yr Dodge Dealership technician, and it sounds like the "Tar" substance has clogged the filter and possibly has burnt up the front pump from starving it of transmission fluid.. The substance could be a result of brake fluid and Sea-Foam, and I would try and drop the pan and possibly the valvebody and clean it thoroughly to verify all the valves are moving freely.. Then replace the filter and only add ATF+4 Transmission fluid and see if it moves.. If it does than drive it for 50-100 miles and change the fluid again..

If the cleaning doesn't help, I would suspect a failed front pump and either rebuild or replace the transmission.. And in the future I wouldn't add anything other than transmission fluid to the transmission to avoid and chemical reaction to different type of additives.

Let me know your thoughts,
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