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i have a whistle coming from my engine which is a 2011 dodge

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i have a whistle coming from my engine which is a 2011 dodge challenger sxt plus. i took it to firestone paid them 50 dollars to run a check and they said it should be my alternator i took it to autozone and got the free battery/alternator check and everything checks out....soo now what?
Hello I'm Neal and I am here to help resolve your issue. If I cannot help I will opt out and refer your question to another expert.

The bearings in the alternator can be going bad and it will still charge normally and pass a test. The problem is not the part of the alternator that charges but the bearing is likely bad and is causing the whining noise. You will need to replace the alternator to confirm their diagnosis.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you that makes sense, however one thing I forgot to mention that may not make a difference in the answer, but to further confirm your answer is that the whistling noise gets louder when I accelerate but is not noticeable while driving at a normal speed.

That still sounds right. It may be only getting louder under a load.
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