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durango: how do you replace the tcm(transmission control module)

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how do you replace the tcm(transmission control module) in a 2002 dodge durango
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Here is the location of the TCM:

If you need to replace the TCM, you can order it and replace it will simple tools. But in order for it to work you will need a scantool to program in pinion factor and perform a quicklearn to that the TCM learns the transmission. So I suggest that you let a shop replace the TCM as I wouldn't want you burning up a transmission but replacing the TCM yourself..

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Have a greatday!!!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer and location. I am ordering a part that they ask for vin # XXXXX comes with all the latest Chysler updates. They also need a part number is XXXXX located on my part?

Hi Kristi,

Yes the part number is XXXXX on the TCM once you remove it.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

By looking at the picture I cannot tell if the TCM is located behind the headlight? From the picture it looks to be in the open, but looking in the location I do not see it. Do I have to remove the headlight from the front or that plate in back of the headlight

Hi Kristi,

If you don't see the TCM that is being pointed at by the #1 then I will need the last 8 of your VIN to verify the location..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Hi Kristi,

Thanks for the VIN and that is the correct location for the TCM... Here is another pic I got for you..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is not there. I am attaching pictures to show it is not in that location. Could there be another location?

HI Kristi,

Thanks for the pictures!!!! And I see your problem! In 2003 Dodge started going to a NGC controller(PCM) which controls the engine and transmission.. I see 4 connectors in your PCM and that would be a NGC controller that controls the PCM and TCM in one.. SO if your diagnostics lead you to having a faulty TCM, then you will need to replace the NGC (PCM) controller in your vehicle.. So sorry for the confusion but per your VIN number the location was correct that I posted, but in late 2002 Dodge went to the NGC and it was a running change..

If you need anymore assistance, feel free to ask

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So my part is incorrect and I need to order a PCM NGC with four connections? Would I be ordering for a 2003 or 2002 or does it make a difference?

HI Kristi,

I have done got the part number for you.. The part number is RL040616AK and price is 708.00 from your local Dodge dealership.. Or if you like you can search the internet with the part number for a lower price PCM.. And yes you are replacing the PCM with 4 connectors..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will it hurt to drive the vehicle until I get the part. I will take about 7 days. your help has been great thank you.

HI Kristi,

I'm not sure what is wrong with your TCM to be able to tell you if it's ok to drive.. But if it's shifting fine and the transmission is not slipping then you should be fine..

And thank you for the complement, and it has been my pleasure assisting you today.
If you need anymore help in the future feel free to request me and I will come to assist you.

Have a greatday!!