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Category: Dodge
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how to replace a power window motor ram pickup

Resolved Question:

how to replace a power window motor ram pickup
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

Ok, here are directions:



  1. Release door latch and open door.
  2. Roll window down.
  3. Remove window crank if equipped.
  4. Remove screws holding door trim panel to door from inside arm rest pull cup
  5. Disengage clips holding power window/lock switch panel to door trim panel Disengage wire connectors from switch panel, if equipped. graphic
  6. Remove screw holding door trim to outside mirror frame.
  7. Using a trim panel removal tool, disengage clips holding door trim to door around perimeter of trim panel.
  8. Disengage power mirror wire connector, if equipped.
  9. While holding bottom of trim panel away from door, simultaneously lift upward and forward.
  10. Separate door trim panel from inner belt weatherstrip.
  11. Disengage power outside mirror wire connector from control switch.
  12. Separate door trim panel from vehicle.graphic



The power window motor and mechanism is integral to the power window regulator unit. If the power window motor or mechanism is faulty or damaged, the entire power window regulator unit must be replaced. Refer to Body for the window regulator service procedures.




  1. Remove door trim panel.
  2. Remove water dam.
  3. Remove nuts attaching door glass to window regulator.
  4. Remove glass from door or move glass to full up position and secure glass to door with tape.
  5. Disengage power window motor wire connector from door harness, if equipped.
  6. Remove bolts attaching window regulator to inner door panel.
  7. Separate window regulator from door panel graphic
  8. Extract window regulator through access hole in inner door panel.


  1. Position window regulator in door through access hole.
  2. Install bolts attaching window regulator to inner door panel.
  3. Engage power window motor wire connector to door harness, if equipped.
  4. Install glass in lift plate.
  5. Install water dam.
  6. Install door trim panel.

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