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grand voyager: wont start..fuses..Ignition Coil

Resolved Question:

i got a 1995 plymouth grand voyager , it wont start, i check all fuses are ok, i thought was the fuel pump ,l leave the key on (not to crank the engine, just turning on) but when i check the wires connected to the fuel pump , there's no power on it, just when i try to star (crank) the car one of the wire has power , but i sooner i stop turning the key all the way , power is gone..... so, fuel pump, Ignition Coil ,same no power with the key on.
only when i start (crank) the engine, is when i got power on those wires....... what i understand fuel pump shuold had power when you turn the key on (not cranking the engine) i hope you can help me.....
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Repair1014U replied 5 years ago.
thank you so much for waiting and choosing Just Answer.
Ok what could be happening is a couple or different things:

* Bad Battery or Bad Connection with the cables or terminals ends.
You need to test the battery for 12 volts, then do a load test to make sure the battery is strong enough under a load. If you can not do this test you can take the battery to Autozone and they will test the battery for voltage, and a load test for FREE. If battery is good, make sure the terminal and cables are good. Check the Ground cable on both ends for good ground and tight.

* Check the Junction Box and Relays next to the Battery- Check all fuses in box and push down on all relays. If the vehicle is not starting, you can switch the Fuel, Ignition, Auto Shut Down( If it has a ASD, not all vehicles have it) and switch the Starter relay with a matching relay like the horn to see if it is a Relay problem(Do one at a time switching around)

* Check for codes- If you do not have a code reader please let me know and I can give you the test procedure to get the codes. If you do not have a code reader and do not have the type of vehicle to receive the codes, you can go to Autozone and rent the scan code reader for FREE . You just give a deposit and they lend you the tool to use, you read the codes, then write them down, then clear the codes. Then when you return the scan tool you get every dollar back from your deposit. Note- The computer will store old codes and will give false codes. The best thing is to clear all codes and then after you get the vehicle running, check in 100 mile to see if there is any new codes, if so then that part is bad and needs to be replaced. Checking for codes could help narrow down the problem. Like a Crank sensor, Cam Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Throttle Body,Vehicle Speed Sensor and so on. If it is a sensor you can find this out by just reading the codes in the computer. Note to confirm for sure the sensor is bad the proper way to test the sensor is by hooking a Diagnostic Scan Tool. In most cases if the code does say it is ..... Sensor always check the connection and for power before replacing it if you do not have the scan tool.

*Check the timing belt to see if it is broken or off a couple of teeth.

*You need to check the Fuel Pressure 46 to 50psi

* Loose connection in the wire harness, or at the PCM Power Control Module.

* The other possibility is the Alarm System- Need to do a Relearn Procedure if your vehicle has accept one, or needs to be reprogrammed by the dealer

* Then if all the above is good then it is the PCM needs to be Reprogrammed.There is a special scanner need to be hooked to test the module.The module could be bad

Your vehicle could have only one problem to several to be related to the PCM problem.

You can try yourself to Reset the PCM yourself ,by disconnection both Battery Cables and for 10 mins .Then rehook it back up, make sure you get all the codes out first.

I know I gave you a lot of possibility's but please keep in mind I am not there at the vehicle to hear, touch, test, or drive it. I am relying on the information you are telling me. I gave a lot of possibility's so in case it was not the first thing I said or the third thing you have all the steps of what it could be. Please do the this I suggested in the order so you go from the smallest repair to the worst last.

Please let me know if you need more help.
Thank you again for waiting.

If you satisfied with the answer I have provided for you, please click the ACCEPT BUTTON in order for me to get the credit for my time on helping you. After you click the Accept Button you can ask me several more question for FREE if you need more help as along as it is related to this issue.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Supposedly, when you turn the switch, the fuel pump should have power.In my case, when I turn the switch, there is no power going to the fue pump, only when I try to crank the engine, but when I release the switch, there is no power going to the fuel pump. So my question is, what can I do in that case? all of the fuses are ok,

Expert:  Repair1014U replied 5 years ago.
Hello and thank you for getting back to me. Sorry for the long delay was off line.

Ok if you are suspecting the fuel pump could be the problem this is what you need to do.

Test for power to the fuel pump, if you do not have power going to the fuel pump then you need to check the body control module, test the pin out from the coming out of the module for power for the fuel pump, if no power check the power wire before the module, if have power then the module is bad. If you have power in and out the module is good and then there is a broken wire between the module and the fuel pump.

Know if no power before the Body control module you need to check the fusebox for power, if the fuse box does not have power need to go to the relay box and switch the fuel relay with another relay and has the same part number and see if the vehicle will start, if the vehicle starts then the relay is bad.
You need to make sure you have power going to the relay box and check the connections under neath.

No if you have power going to the fuel pump but you do not hear the fuel pump the the fuel pump it self is bad. You need to replace the fuel filter at the same time so the parts dealer will warranty the pump.

The best way to do this is start with the relay first, then the fuse box, then the BCM, and then the test the power at the fuel pump.

Now it is a possibility the ignition switch is not sending the signal and you need to check the power coming out of the switch and see if it is going to the relay box and BCM.

Please let me know if you need more help.
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