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Dodge Durango: oil sending unit located on the 1999 - 5.2L

Resolved Question:

where is the oil sending unit located on the 1999 - 5.2L - 4W Drive Dodge Durango and how difficult is it to install
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  bill replied 5 years ago.

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the oil pressure sender is located in the rear of the engine on the passenger side next to the distributor you will need a special socket to install it without damaging it, it is called a deep oil pressure sender socket, here is a picture looking from the REAR of the engine,the only problem you may have is releasing the red slide lock it can be easy or difficult i clean the connector first then slide the red lock over and release the connector.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what are some of the signs that the oil sending unit needs changing and not the oil pump?
Expert:  bill replied 5 years ago.

well first the oil pump is a RARE failure and when it fails the engine fails with it since the engine relies on the oil pressure created for proper lubrication, NO lubrication the engine at minimum starts to knock once it starts to knock the engine has been damaged and will require a tear down to determine how much damage.

when the sender fails it can leak oil (severly in a worst case scenario) it also will sometimes show oil pressure and sometimes not sometimes go to full oil pressure then back to a normal reading.

the oil pump once fails there is little or no oil pressure ever and the engine makes noise.

sending units are very common oil pumps not so much, this is assuming the oil is changed regularly and teh engine was taken care of

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