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2008 dodge: exhaust system, still lack of power going up hills..rpm

Resolved Question:

got a 2008 dodge sprinter diesel turbo replaced turbo, cleaned out exhaust system, still lack of power going up hills only goes about 35MPH, rpm dont go over 20 what can be wrong with truck
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  Rmldaytona replied 5 years ago.

rmldaytona :


rmldaytona :

First thing to do is to check that all the intake tubing is sealed properly with no vacuum leaks. It is best to pressurize the intake from the air box to the intake with up to 30PSI (DO NOT EXCEED 30 PSI) and look for vacuum leaks. Repair as needed.

rmldaytona :

Unplug the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and see if the vehicle runs better. If it does and the previous step checks good, then a faulty MAF sensor is the cause.

rmldaytona :

Next, a scantool will be required for testing.

rmldaytona :
1. Check the boost pressure actuator. Use a scan tool to actuate the actuator at 100% while having a test light connected to the Gray/Red wire. The light should light very brightly.

2. Run the actuator at 0% and verify the test light will not light at all.

3. Check the power and grounds to the actuator.

4. If the test light responds properly and the power and ground are good, replace the boost pressure actuator.
rmldaytona :


rmldaytona :
1. Check if the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is moving when the key is turned on. The Engine Control Module (ECM) opens and closes the EGR valve to keep soot build-up cleaned off.

2. The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor should be about 450 gm/stroke at idle. If higher than that, the EGR may be stuck closed. This is with a warm engine.
rmldaytona :


rmldaytona :

1. Check the wiring at the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS). The Red/Yellow wire and the Pink/White wire are the 5 V reference wires. The Brown/White and the Brown/Yellow wire are the sensor's grounds.

2. Check the resistance between the Yellow wire and the Brown/Yellow wire with the sensor unplugged. The resistance should be about 100k ohms. Check the resistance between the White wire and the Brown/White wire. The resistance should be about 100k ohms. There is a 100k ohm resistor in the ECM that connects these circuits. If these test good, the wires are good to the ECM.

3. The Yellow wire should be double the voltage of the White wire with the sensor connected. If not, the APPS is faulty. The Yellow wire should be about 0.4 volts at closed throttle and the White wire should be about 0.2 volts at closed throttle.

rmldaytona :


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