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2002 Dodge Stratus R/T: charging system..Tried another alternator

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I have a charging system problem on a 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T with A/T - It will charge ok at times and not charge at times, battery voltage. Wire connections and grounds seem to be ok. Tried another alternator and still have same problem and seems to actually be worse. I've printed out your wire schematics for system to follow. I've found the following: Key off testing at alternator connector - Pin 1 = B+ - pin 2 = B+ - pin 3 = 0 volts - pin 4 = 0 volts --- Key on - pin 1 = B+ - pin 2 = B+ - pin 3 = B + - pin 4 = 8.2 +/- volts --- Engine running - pin 1 = charging voltage (when it is charging) - pin 2 = charging voltage (when it is charging ) - pin 3 = approximately 1.0 volts less than charging voltage - pin 4 = 9.0volts and this voltage will vary down to as low as 1.0 volt +/- (it has been hard to measure this system with one VOM as the voltage varies randomly) - Continuity of wires is ok - No voltage drops on B+ or B- found - Continuity at instrument connectors C-101 pin 52 & 49 measure 25.0 Kohms and from C-101 pin 52 to pin 23 on connector C-102 measures 12.5 ohms - I'm wondering if the 25.0 Kohm reading is correct - in the schematic there is a dashed line from pin 52 to pin 49 at C-101 and I don't know what that indicates - At this point I suspect the PCM voltage regulator is bad or the diode in the instrument cluster is bad. If the bulbs for battery indicator and brake indicator are removed charging will stop. These lights will flicker at times, shine bright at times or be off at times and system can be charging or not charging. Can you help me?

Cliff Immoos [email protected]


Replace the PCM, very common problem.

these guys do a good job and my shop uses them

Make sure your battery is sound, a dead cell in the battery can take out the PCM regulator.

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