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Stonyman, Ase Master Technician
Category: Dodge
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Experience:  Certified Ase Master, 23 years exp. Pa state and emissions lic. Specializing in Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
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2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.9 automatic. Came in no start.

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2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.9 automatic. Came in no start. customer said he wasn;t getting fuel. Well that was true. He also had no spark and when I hooked up my scan tool it could not read the trucks onboard computer. I tried my scan tool on a dodge truck 1 year newer same engine size and it worked fine. So I think is the ecm. What do you think?

Stonyman :

Hi. So it sounds like a no communication problem due to a shorted 5 volt sensor taking down the system. The first thing I would do is connect the scanner and disconnect the crank sensor and see if it will communicate. If so the crank sensor is bad. If not keep trying with the 5 volt sensors disconnecting one at a time.


tested crank sensor no change in symptoms. what next?

Stonyman :

You disconnected it? Just want to make sure. From there I would start disconnecting the 5 volt sensors. Tps,map,a/c pressure transducers, speed sensor, o2. Anything that has 5volt sensor ciruit in it. Also, just to be safe, check all the fuses.

Stonyman :

Here is what should be on the data link connector.

3D1 18VT/BRCCD BUS (+)
11D2 18WT/BKCCD BUS (-)
16M1 20PKFUSED B(+)

Thanks for your help so far. I'm not well versed on dodge electrical troubleshooting. We did check the crank sensor by unplugging it and still couldn't link up with my scanner. I also notice that while it doesn't link up the words no buss display at the odometer . I can check all of these sensors I just don't have the location for most of them. I'm going to pay you now and I will follow up with you on this vehicle. Thanks. Chuck Varner


Hi. Finnally found the problem on this truck. We checked the crank sensor by unplugging it but we reached in from th top over the motor to do it. When we checked it. Still wouldn't scan. We checked everything. So we made the decision to change the crank sensor. When we did we were under the truck and we found the problem. A ground squirrel or mouse chewed the wires almost in two. The insulation was completely chewed off and grounding against each other. So we still changed the crank sensor and it wouldn't start but we didn't get the no bus message. So we cranked it and it still wouldn't fire but We have spark now. No codes came up. I dont have fuel pressure but the truck will start with starting fluid. But dies when you quit squirting it in the throttle body. I have no fuel pressure but there was a small amount of gas at the schrader valve. What do you think?Did we fry the ecm with the bad wires? I'm going to check for power feed at the fuel pump in the morning. If we don't have power there I just wonder what else it could be. If we have power it looks like I'll be changing the fuel pump next.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
you still there/
Yes. Thought maybe you were done because of the accept and feedback. I didn't see any reply till now.
I see now that the bus is down. That wasn't there earlier. On that pin out I gave you for the connector, do me a favor and check the voltages and grounds on those pins. At the ccd bus (-) also check for power not ground. Let me know what you get at each one. It still could be a crank sensor. If it is a bus problem, it could be quite a drawn out process to find the culprit. I will be going home from work and check back for your results. This may take some time.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We finally found the problem. The wires to the crank sensor were chewed thru by some type of rodent. They were grounding against each other. We installed another crank sensor and vehicle ran fine. Thanks for all your help. Chuck Varner