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2005 Dodge: every now

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2005 Dodge Ram Hemi 5.7.. Battery gauge drops to zero every now and then. One day it will work fine. The next it drops to zero. Sometimes I'll shut the truck off and start it back up and it works.. Just relaxed the alternator 2 months ago. Is there a sensor or relay I may need to replace? Thanks
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer. My name is***** can help you on this concern.
What you need to do is when the gauge drops down and is down, you need to check the battery voltage at the posts with the engine running. If the voltage is 13.8 volts or better then the charging system is ok and the gauge is bad. if the voltage is lower than 13.5 volts there is a chance that the charging system is intermittent and will need to be diagnosed. If you determine that the gauge is bad, the only way to fix the gauge is to replace the instrument cluster assembly. The gauge is NOT available separately and must be purchased as a cluster assembly from the dealer as the milage is stored in the cluster and needs to be programmed in at the cluster manufacturer... It is illegal to install a used cluster as the milage will not be correct and if anyone scans the vehicle the VIN in the cluster will be incorrect and that will cause question as to the correct milage of the vehicle... click reply if you need additional info, if I have answered, please click "Accept" it will be greatly appreciated, thank you..Wink
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm still waiting for the gauge to drop off again. As soon as it does I will check the battery and let you know. Thanks
Ok, one other thing, Some vehicles allow the cluster to do a self test. With the ignition off, try pressing and holding the trip button, turn on the ignition while holding then release button, if it works this will cause the cluster to do a self test, all gages should sweep through full scale, all leds should light up in a sequence. try this when the problem is happening also....Remember, not all clusters will run this self test....
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