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2003 dodge ram 1500: liter engine..the following codes P0440, P0441

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I have a 2003 DodgeRam 1500 with 4.7 liter engine. It is throwing the following codes P0440, P0441, and P0463. Could the P0463 becausing the other two codes or is the P0463 independent and have no bearing on P0440 and P0441? When P0463 happens gas tank is full and the gas gage reads empty. Turn the truck off and the gage function normally for the most part. If they are indepedent what should I check first the evap purge selonoid or the leak detection pump? Thanks Cliff

Scott :

Hello I am Scott.

Scott :

You have at least two problems

Scott :

Do you want to chat, or just have me answer? how many miles on the truck?

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The P-0463 relates to a worn spot on the fuel level unit. This is mounted to the fuel pump. If the truck has a lot of miles - I recommend replacing the complete fuel module . The fuel level unit can be replaced alone .It has a plastic tab that locks it on the side of the module .
The 03 could have 2 different types of leak detector - But I am sure yours has the one we call a NVLD. The codes P-0440, P-0441 could be caused by a bad NVLD alone . But there is a chance there are other problems . Its rare - but worth checking.
I would replace the NVLD- leak detector, Then let the system do its own self test. Some advice- shake or blow out the filter thats connected to one side of the NVLD. Replace any cracked lines/hoses you find- inspect the ones under the hood also. Please reply if you need more info or help. Thanks Scott.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Scott,


The truck has 94,000 miles. I was woundering if the evap purge selionod could cuase thia also.

The purge solenoid would cause one or both of the fault - only if it was always on. You can disconnect the lines from the solenoid, reconnect just the vacuum line , start engine and check for strong vacuum always on. The circuits in the computer slightly pulse the solenoid to continuously test it- so you will get slight vacuum pulses - check for large pulls of vacuum. It its ok- replace the NVLD.
For the purge to cause both it would have to be always on . This would cause the switch in the NVLD to never switch . We often find both faults caused by the NVLD it self-Glad you replied- I did not want to type out all the info for no one to read- Please reply with any questions . Thanks Scott.
Scott and 3 other Dodge Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks you for accepting my answers, Scott.