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Torque specs..the water pump bolts and the water pump pulley bolts

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What is the correct torque specs for the water pump bolts and the water pump pulley bolts? I have seen a wide variety of specs. I have a 3.8 L grand caravan

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Well, it is in fact 105 inch lbs for pump.21 ft pounds is a bit high. Worst case would not hurt pump but pull the threads some on the bolts. You can back off each bolt one at a time and reset. In the shop? we generally do not torque te bolts as you get a feel for hand tighten even. If at 21 ft pounds it did not feel so tight the threads were pulling on the bolts? leave it and you should be just fine. here are the specs if you chose to use them

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  1. Position the water pump pulley loosely between pump housing and drive hub).

  2. Install water pump and pulley to the timing chain case cover. Tighten water pump bolts to 12 Nm (105 in. lbs.).

  3. Position pulley on water pump hub. Install bolts and tighten to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) .

  4. Rotate pump by hand to check for freedom of movement.

  5. Install the accessory drive belt.

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