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1998 dodge dakota: manual adjustment for the clutch

Customer Question

I have 1998 dodge dakota 2.5 manual trans 5 speed ok when you push in the clutch it`s hard to get into gear and I have had to shut it down to get it into gear at a light is there an adjustment for the clutch?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dodge
Expert:  david replied 6 years ago.

david :

Hi thank you for your question hope this helps.

The clutch system is Hydraulic (Like the brakes) There is no adjustment to make.

This is the clutch operation system.

Full Size Image

david :

When you push the clutch is there pressure ( Dose it feel as it did before)

Has this problem gotten worse over time, Or is this out of the blue?

JACUSTOMER-ah91t1cx- :

it feels the same,,,,,,,and it`s just out of the blue

JACUSTOMER-ah91t1cx- :


david :

Also the pressure on the clutch pedal is the same (not really soft)

JACUSTOMER-ah91t1cx- :

feel about the same

david :

I am sorry I seam to be having computer problems I will opt out some one will be right with you.

Sorry, Please do not replay because it will lock me onto this question and the next expert will not be able to help you.

Expert:  Richard replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

David asked me to take this one over because he is having computer issues.


If the clutch pedal feels the same as before and doesn't feel spongy, chances are your clutch hydraulic system is working properly. Usually if there is a problem with the clutch hydraulic system, you will notice a change in how the pedal feels.


It sounds like the pilot bearing has seized to the transmission input shaft. When the pilot bearing seizes to the input shaft, the input shaft won't stop turning when you disengage the clutch and it will be very hard to get into gear and in most cases you have to shut the engine off to shift into gear.


I would suggest pulling the transmission to check the pilot bearing in the end of the crankshaft.


I hope this helps, let me know!

Thank you,