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Dodge RAM 2500 4x4 Intermittent problem with 97 Dodge Ram

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Intermittent problem with 97 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins Diesel . I replaced the Hi-amp relay ,starter , and fuel shut off solenoid . I used to have intermittent problems with it not pulling the hi amp open. That was soved with the new relay . I have had intermittent problems with the low amp side of the shut off solenoid now. It sometimes will not hold it open when i let the key back from cranking position.If i hold the key it will keep running as the starter spins . It will do this one time and then work perfectly many times after that . I understand there is no relay for the low amp side and it usually has power , what would cause this to happen intermittently. When the light comes on the dash that says wait to start and the buzzer it always works, but sometimes when you turn the key you do not see the wait to start light and that is when i have the problem .

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

It sounds like you have an ignition switch issue. The ignition switch controls several circuits individually and when the solenoid won't stay pulled in when you let the key back to the run position, I need you to check fuse #9 for power. This fuse is in the interior fuse box and I need you to leave the fuse in and use a test light to probe the test port on both sides of the fuse with the key still on.

You should have power and if you don't I need you to remove the upper steering column shrouds and test the dark blue wire for power at the ignition switch with the connector still attached to the switch. The dark blue wire must be live in both the start and run position and I think the run position part of the switch is causing the problem. This will also cause the problem with the wait to start light.

Test this out and let me know the result and we can go from there!

Thank you,


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