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Dodge Dakota 1993 Dodge Dakota fuel pump wiring (from the

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1993 Dodge Dakota fuel pump wiring (from the truck to the pump)??
Hi, my name is Ed. Welcome to Just Answer!.

The fuel pump got its own relay for the 93 model year with the 5.2 engine, but it shared an electrical splice that causes problems with loss of power to the ASD relay, PCM as well as the fuel pump itself. Because the splice rots inconsistently, you might not have loss of power to the other circuits, yet still problems at the pump.

The splice is located in the engine harness immediately to the rear of the Power Distribution Center (PDC, the underhood fuse-relay box) in the loom along the left side of the fenderwell area. Look for a red/ white wire that splits four ways and open up the hockey-stick tape (ugh) to see if copper rot has taken place.

Otherwise, fuel pump wiring runs down the left inner frame rail to the fuel pump. It uses a dark green/ black stripe wire and should be pretty easy to track if you need to go that route.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

NO NO ... The problem that I have is. I haved cutted wires on the wires to connect a new fuel pump. and I need to connect a original Sensor/Pump connector to the cut wire on the truck side ( the colors codes)

Oh! You just need the color codes for connection at the pump?
I'd have to check that tomorrow if that's OK. The center two wires are for your tank level unit (sender) and can go in either order, but the outside wires are your power and ground.

The power wire is dark green/ black and ground is straight black. If you can tell which one is which from the previous connector, you'll be all good. Connecting the power and ground wires backward means the pump will also run backward.

I'll be glad to check the actual connector pinout tomorrow if you have a little time.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This sounds Good I have 5 wires from the truck as follow: 2 blacks, 1 blue withyellow strip, 1green ,1blue with green strip
Five wires to the fuel pump?
The two blacks probably combine at some point (single ground source).
The two smaller blue wires are your level unit circuits and can be installed in either slot at the center two positions of the 4-wire pump connector. Polarity doesn't matter with these.
And the green/ black wire is your fuel pump power wire.

If you happen to have a pump unit sitting outside the truck, look at the way the pump is wired from outside-to-inside.

The black wire inside the pump unit will be your ground and the red wire that connects to the pump center terminal inside the pump unit should go to the green/ black wire on your body harness.

Can you picture it OK?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The pump has 5 connector and the connector 5 connectors too...
Let me check that at work tomorrow, OK? I don't recall there being more than four wires on the 93 Dakota...