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Dodge: running rough..i accelerate, its hard to start..idles..stalls

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I have a 03 dodge 5.7 hemi. its running rough, it strugles and misfires when i accelerate, its hard to start and idles roughly and eventualy stalls. when reving the engine in neutral, the engine will not rev beyong 4000 rpm. on advice from mechanics i have replaced, the fuel pump, throttle body, had the injectors tested and was recommended replacing which i did and still made no difference, i have also replaced all 16 spark plugs and looking at buying the ignition leads as well.. i have tried everything and it has not made the slightest change. any suggestions?
Welcome to Just Answer Dodge my name isXXXXX realize that all my answers are based solely on the info you provide me......

The 03 engines are prone to breaking valve springs. When these springs break it creates the same type of symptoms you are describing, so I would suggest you pop the valve covers off and have a good look at the springs to see if they are broken.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hey mate i have taken off the rocker covers and inspected the valves and there is no visual signs of damage, do i need to take them off or is there another suggestion of where to look next? thanks your advice is well apreciated..
Ok, I should have also asked what fault codes are you getting?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I scanned the vehcle and the only codes that came up were po522 and po171.. but after i unhooked the battery and remove everything to get too the rocker covers the codes have not come back when i reconnected the battery.. i have c codes come up 27 48.... 29 48.... i am going to take the car for a run and see if there any more codes come up...


also when starting the engine it kicks back badly before it stalls.. i have a suspision that its not running on all eight cylinders or its misfirind very badly.. what is the firing order for the engine and where is the cylinder 1 located..?


I think I'd do a compression test and see if this engine is mechanically sound.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey mopar, thanks for your help, i have gone through the whole engine and found that after replacing the injectors and other parts the leads were put in the wrong order.. the order was corected and after a few hesitating start i took for a drive and gave it a good thrashing and it soon idled well and smoothened out.. thanks for your assistance and much appreciated.. if i run into anything else i will definetly consult with yourself or the website.. but i am still getting a p0171 any sugesstion what this is..
Perfect, thanks for the update......glad you got it fixed.
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