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Dodge RAM 3500 4x4 Ok heres the problem 2006 dodge ram 3500

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Ok heres the problem 2006 dodge ram 3500 diesel the security light is not blinking when doors are locked. When you sit in the truck and unlock doors the factory alarm doesn't go off. Also noises come from 6 disc changer radio. Sounds like it is try to eject cd.
Welcome to Just Answer Dodge my name isXXXXX realize that all my answers are based solely on the info you provide me....

The alarm will not set if it still sees a door open or even the hood open. There is a plunger style switch under the hood that may not be telling the truck that the hood is actually closed. See if the switch is sticky.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
nothing is open. When I lock the doors with the remote the horn beeps but the red light is not flashing on the dash. Its seems like the factory alarm is not armed.
Ok, has any work been done lately or parts replaced?
If nothing has been replaced recently, then I would suspect the instrument cluster may have lost it's programming or has developed an internal failure. The security alarm system is a feature that can be turned on and off by using a scan tool and this feature may have been turned off and simply needs to be turned back on. Your local shop can do this is they have the proper scan tool other wise your dealer will need to do this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes work was done on truck. Someone put in remote start but never got it to work. Had it removed and now the security in not working. What type of scan tool do you need. also does the dealer charge to do something like that.Also the other problem is with the 6 disc changer. When I disconnected the batteries the radio is trying to cycle but its not. Now every time I open any door the cd changer is making noises like its try to cycle or trying to eject cds.
You need a high end scanner from Snap On that has the ability to gain access to and communicate with the instrument cluster. The dealer will likely charge you about an hours labor to connect their scan tool and check this out for you.

The CD changer issue is going to be an internal one, so if you have an audio repair facility nearby they will be able to do a repair on this radio/cd changer for you otherwise you would need to simply replace the unit. There are no external fixes for the type of problem you are describing.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So your saying that this is two problems. You dont think the guy who did work with the remote starter had anything to do with this. Did you hear of any problems like this with the 6 disc changer when you disconnect batteries.
Yes this is 2 different problems. The radio cd/changer only needs power and ground to make it work and since it is making noises it obviously is getting power and ground. This is actually a very common issue that can occur after a battery disconnect due to a voltage spike that can damage the internal electronics.

There "may" be a relation to the remote start install but without being there to examine the wires he was tapping into it is hard to say.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Why does it only make sounds when you open any door on the truck when the truck is not running.
When you first open the door the cluster sends the radio a wake up call to let the radio know you are getting in. So now the radio is awake and trying to accomplish something which it can't.
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