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Dodge RAM 1500 4x2 How do you remove the fan blade on a 2006

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How do you remove the fan blade on a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500?

3.7L/4.7L/5.7L ENGINE

1.Do Not attempt to remove the fan/viscous fan drive assembly from the vehicle at this time.

CAUTION: If the viscous fan drive is replaced because of mechanical damage, the cooling fan blades should also be inspected. Inspect for fatigue cracks, loose blades, or loose rivets that could have resulted from excessive vibration. Replace fan blade assembly if any of these conditions are found. Also inspect water pump bearing and shaft assembly for any related damage due to a viscous fan drive malfunction.

2.Disconnect negative battery cable from battery.
3.Remove coolant reserve/overflow container from fan shroud and lay aside. Do Not disconnect the hoses or drain coolant from the container.
4.Using Special Tool 6958, remove the fan blade/viscous fan drive assembly from the water pump by turning the mounting nut counterclockwise as viewed from the front. Threads on the viscous fan drive are RIGHT-HAND..
5.Do Not unbolt the fan blade assembly from viscous fan drive at this time.
6.Remove the fan shroud-to-radiator mounting bolts.
7.Pull the lower shroud mounts out of the radiator tank clips.
8.Remove the fan shroud and fan blade/viscous fan drive assembly as a complete unit from vehicle.
9.After removing the fan blade/viscous fan drive assembly, do not place the viscous fan drive in a horizontal position. If stored horizontally, silicone fluid in the viscous fan drive could drain into its bearing assembly and contaminate lubricant.

CAUTION: Do not remove water pump pulley-to-water pump bolts. This pulley is under spring tension.

10.Remove four bolts securing fan blade assembly to viscous fan drive.

CAUTION: Some engines equipped with serpentine drive belts have reverse rotating fans and viscous fan drives. Installation of the wrong fan or viscous fan drive can result in engine overheating.

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