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Dodge Caravan 96 caravan the ignition fuse blows after about

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96 caravan the ignition fuse blows after about 15 minutes of running. when fuse blows the ac heater control,blowers and turn signals don't work. if you install a new fuse it will blow as soon as the key is turned. the van will still run. i have replaced the ac heater control turn signal switch and junction block assembly with known good parts. i have tried leaving them all disconnected and it will still blow the fuse after about 15 min. i was told there is a thermo coupler that might be bad but i don't know what or where it would be. any idea where to go from here.

Chris :

Hello and welcome to just answer. What is the fuse # XXXXX where is it located? Under the hood or under the dash?

Hello and welcome to just answer. What is the fuse # XXXXX where is it located? Under the hood or under the dash?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it was the nineth one from the left under the dash

Ok, that would be fuse #8 according to my diagram. Does your van have ABS brakes? If so, I see that that fuse also supplies power to the ABS system, and may be the cause of the short. If you do have ABS, then try disconnecting the ABS module connector and see if the fuse still blows.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok where is it located

The ABS controller is mounted under the dash next to the brake pedal bracket.






The CAB is mounted under the instrument panel on the side of the brake pedal bracket toward the center of the vehicle Mounting Location Of Controller Antilock Brakes. .

  1. Turn vehicle ignition off

    CAUTION: Be sure ignition switch is in the off position before removing the 60 way connector from the CAB.

  2. Remove theXXXXXconnector retaining bolt. Then disconnect the wiring harness 60 way connector Mounting Location Of Controller Antilock Brakes. from the Controller Antilock Brake Module (CAB).
  3. Remove the 2 controller bracket to brake pedal bracket mounting nuts CAB Bracket To Brake Pedal Bracket Mounting. .
  4. Remove the CAB from the vehicle.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
disconnected the abs module after running for 15 minutes and 2 miles went to back in driveway and the fuse blew replaced and blew right away any more ideas.

There must be a wire that is shorting out somewhere (rubbing on a metal bracket etc.) See if you can make the fuse blow by wiggling various sections of the wiring harness under the dash, and look for signs of the harness rubbing. One area I see causing shorts is where the wiring goes near the parking brake, so inspect that area closely.